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willpwilson 908
Reply to Butlincat- The UFO Video Sure Looks Real To Me?????
Wed Aug 24, 2011 21:48

If this UFO video, (linked below) is fake, then how do you know that it is fake? I sure cannot tell that it is fake. In fact, the video is one of the most (appearing tobe) authentic UFO videos that I have ever looked at.

Yet, your reply is a truly good question and truly a valid challenge to find out if they, or if someone can actually make a Youtube UFO video that is this well faked. If the following is faked then the producer of it should definitely be working for Steven Speilberg or George Lucas. Apparently regarding the following video, apparently:
Incredible Two Military Jets Convoy A UFO 8 11 Video.flv

I would like to know also as that if this Youtube UFO video is faked then wholly Smoke, what is real anymore anyway.

In the mean time the reference to "Gyroscopic Aether," is simply an attempted means to try to awaken our fellow community of good people to think more effectively and with more clear perspective in order to be able to more accurately question what the meaning of Anti-Gravity or UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) really means.

And yet, the term and the reference to UFO and or to Anti-Gravity doesn't really provide an actual effective means for some one to be able to better understand as to how or why an anti-gravity device or UFO craft is actually operating and or moving.

The term Anti-gravity or UFO only describes or refers that an object of some kind is simply not moving according to conventional aerodynamic or aquatic physical momentum.

And, so the reference of Gyroscopic-Aether is now being referenced and provided in order to help people to better and possibly more accurately refer to what has been historically to the mostly unknowing observer the means by which the observer can now have a more clearer understanding as to what they may be actually observing when for example they may be observing a UFO and or an airborne gravitationally not effected object, that is not Anti Gravitating but that it is possibly traveling by an Aether Gyroscopic effect instead. And thereof, isn't the Universe simply comprised of aether anyway?

Or there of, consider as to what someone may be observing and referencing for example that may be a non conventionally propelled transient waterborne or airborne object that is not moving by what may be considered to be a normally and or conventionally understood means.

There are probably going to be many other future terms to
better reference what is currently the now normally accepted references of "Anti-Gravity," and or "UFO," (someday).

Thereof, as well, there will be in the future, no doubt, many other future terms and references that will someday replace the terms: UFO, and or Anti-Gravity and as well as Gyroscopic-Aether and that these future terms and references will someday be transcending into becoming the future normally accepted language and communications nomenclature someday (as well).
Just some further remedial discovery on the remarkable and respected
efforts and work that links to the party or parties who have been
referencing their on-line work as being from "Butlincat." Search for Butlincat2012 and or "Butlincat2012" - About 1,810 results Search for Butlincat 2012 - About 4,270 results Search for "Butlincat 2012" 3 results Search results for Butlincat 2012 - About 2 results - by clicking on the "by butlincat" (link) thereof, this is what appears: "| This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement."
Take note though: Concerning the ( immediate above statement that then popped up when clicking on the "by Butlincat," (hyperlink) that this only may possibly mean is that whomever is "Butlincat," that they may have possibly been doing something that rocked the (SS) Establishment boat and that this could also possibly be a very commendable achievement, (on the part of Butlincat).

Due possibly to the known fact that the (SS) Establishment is currently doing all that it can to try to challenge us, who are we, the community and the representatives of the People's Free Speech, any way that they, the established order, can interfere with We People's Free Speech.
From a Marketing Research perspective, as to whatever or whomever pertains to the reference to Butlincat and or to whomever they may be (there actually maybe more then one person possibly representing Butlincat).

Yet, Butlincat, it should be made apparent that they have accomplished some amazing accomplishments in their getting many, many people's attention to the "Holliecreig" and the "Musa Family" cases.

Apparently Butlincat has in fact actually sent out enough e-mails
and posted enough on-line news posts on these British governmental Child Pedophile rings that have been rampantly carrying on, for example in Britain and in Scotland, that their (Butlincat's) continued and courageous efforts have in fact forced the British Law Enforcement, legislative body, and corporate media to begin to toe the line and to begin to bring a worldwide spotlight (for example) on the HollieCreig and or the Musa Family cases.

As that "Butlincat," or as (whomever) Butlincat really is,
they have truly taken enough time and enough effort to get the world's attention on these two following different cases that clearly outline direct complicity to high ranking members of the British government and their direct complicity in the coverup of Holliecreig case.

And, thereof, Butlincat has tied in a direct government linked cover up of a criminally complicit and yet, governmental-ly criminally embedded British and Scottish pedophile ring(s) that link back directly to the Holliecreig case and to many other covered up and Governemntally (insider operated and implicated) complicit pedophile cases.

The Holliecreig case, due to the Butlincat having taken the remarkable effort to tirelessly get what I would estimate are somewhat more then ten million concerned people's attention to the Holliecreig case that, thereof, Butlincat has done a truly great and highly remarkable service to those who do have concern about these historic and yet, hghly criminal circumstances that link directly to highly corrupted
high ranking British governmental bureaucrats.

Also, in concern to the Musa Family and or about the British
governmental predatory protocols and officials who thereof, have been rampantly carrying on their outright attacks and their outright planned destruction of unsuspecting and yet, very innocent families like the Musa family.

Whereas the Musa Family have been directly scapegoated, and primarily their lives have been fully destroyed in order for high ranking members of the secret and officially covered up embedded governmental parties who until the efforts of Butlincat have been able to continue with their ongoing attack both physically and illegally on these innocent families like the Musa Family.

yet due to the efforts of Butlincat, the Holliecreig case and the Musa Family case are now recognized by the (SS) establishment media and these cases are not simply being ignored any more. Nice Job Butlincat. Nice job.
If this is the same "Butlincat," who sent the following correspondence, someone under the represented label of Butlincat is providing an incredible service to those who are concerned.
Wed Aug 3, 2011 18:32


"This is another historic public service announcement provided by investigative journalist Sherri Kane and one of YouTube's most popular doctors, Leonard Horowitz, blowing the cover off of a gang that has deceived and divided virtually every activist organization in America—The COINTELPRO—while helping to conceal a pedophilia satanic sex trafficking operation kidnapping thousands of American children annually.

The COINTELPRO agents output anti-government, and anti-Illuminati, propaganda. They embrace racism, sexism, and organized crimes, including ethnic hate crimes. They libel targeted whistle-blowers and activists to discredit them.

Led by Michael Aquino, directing the Temple of Set/Church of Satan, and the CIA's MKULTRA mind-control operation, and FBI/CIA agent (apparently not retired) Ted Gunderson, these officials are exposed here by Horowitz and Kane in child sex trafficking.

This investigation began in 2010, when Sherri Kane discovered that a 2007 COINTELPRO attack against Horowitz linked to Ted Gunderson and the child trafficking network believed to be run the Church of Satan and Michael Aquino.

Now COMPROMISED, the COINTELPRO are running a "Containment Operation" against the "HoroKane." Their thorough reporting, applauded by most reasonably intelligent people worldwide, agents for Aquino and Gunderson are lambasting Horowitz and Kane for producing these films.

Watch this amazing Part 5 of a 6 part series, this one entitled, "Child Sex Trafficking COINTELPRO Busted."

Earlier in this series, Kane and Horowitz explained the BP Oil "Crisis Capitalism," and why the way you think comes largely from COINTELPRO propagandists.

If you do not like governments or governors, this is generally why--The COINTELPRO controls the mainstream and independent media.

This is the team of MKULTRA mind-control manipulators indoctrinating you; and socially-engineering "managed chaos." Agent provocateurs have been broadcasting their divisive hate and lingering lies to trigger terrorists and psychopaths that believe the COINTELPRO's distressing messages.

Post this clip elsewhere to support Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane, who have heroically exposed the truth that shall, in this case, help set America free from the organized crime of child trafficking, sex slavery, and satanic ritual abuse."
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  • A REPLYButlincat2012, Wed Aug 24 15:31
    So, youve made us aware that all should be grateful for you making this site so popular, then proceed to offer us perhaps the most fake video of a ufo with "fighter planes". Was that some kind of... more
    • Reply to Butlincat- The UFO Video Sure Looks Real To Me????? — willpwilson 908, Wed Aug 24 21:48
      • W. WILLSON - REAL OR FAKE UFO VIDSButlincat2012, Thu Aug 25 18:07
        Mr. Wilson - there are tons of really good ufo vids that are completely fake - i had many in my last now deleted youtube a/c. This one just looks manufactured to me. As a commentator to the video... more
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