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Thu Aug 25, 2011 18:07

Mr. Wilson - there are tons of really good ufo vids that are completely fake - i had many in my last now deleted youtube a/c. This one just looks manufactured to me. As a commentator to the video said "jets have problems flying at low speeds unless landing" which i believe is a good point. A famous fake vid is the Lake Havisu ufo footage, from N. America which looks really kosher, but is not and i have the vid somewhere that i cant find but will soon that shows the big plastic mother that was used in the scam. An Australian video maker specialises in fake ufo vids and fooled many people for years before admitting it. Like the Olivers Castle crop circle, which people still tout as being a genuine circle being made by "orbs", is of course bollux. Not to say that circles may not be made by these balls of light but are they man-made? The Olivers one certainly was.

The film being made when crop circles were coming of age - and ripping unsuspecting New Agers off bigtime. John Wabe {Whately} made the damn thing - him being a video tech {or was at the time - he probably set up a new business after he raked in like Colin Andrews on the c circle hype}for Haelech TV. Even the now exposed fake "Dr." Michael Wolf {Kruvant} says in part 4 {i believe} of his J. Courant i'views that circles are made by space - based platforms, and i believe they probably are.

Michael Kruvant {Wolf} {see Ron Kruvant i'view by Charles Wright on youtube, the spilling of the beans - or is it? He wasnt a doctor anyway, it transpires}.

What they have up there will blow anyones mind if they really knew. Now, as c circles get so complex, it simply means theyve made more elaborate equipment to make them - not a lot more to say. But either way - if it leads someone to a higher self, or equivalent, then its a positive thing, imho. See Matt Williams vids on youtube - as truthseekers666 - for many vids of how he made circles. In 2000 he was the 1st person in the UK to be busted for making a circle - crim damage was the charge i believe - it of course it helped + added to his whatever. Any publicity is good publicity as some mother said whenever. Maybe some circles ARE made by et - who knows?

All best to you anyway Mr. Wilson + co.


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