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William Mount
Mon Sep 12, 2011 04:07

An 85 year old man handed this little letter to me partially in tears, partially laughing.

It is a Class Action law suit between a law firm and Chase Manhattan Bank Settlement Administrator over "Promotional Interest Rates". We all get these little things in the mail. Apparently on 22 November the "United States Court" "Administrator" will decide whether a law firm receives $1,507,000 and you get $8.

You do not get your money back for Chase lying.

Your earned interest rates on you CD goes down to absorb the costs, and the Bank is bailed out by you - the tax payer.

You keep getting $10/Hour, more is taken out of your wages to bail this bank out, and a Lawyer awards another lawyer $ 1 1/2 million.

"Average Income" goes up, and you get screwed again. Food, gas and housing goes up, your wages go down.

Rather than the US Attorney's doing their job and stopping Chase Manhattan from violating SEC rules and regulations they are too busy busting Gibson Guitar for nothing and shutting down Amish Farmer's milking cows and not putting radiation (Super Pasteurized) into their milk.

It is the US Attorneys who need to step up to the plate and enforce the laws of the United States.

The US Attorney's, defender's of the great US Corporation, liars incarnate, have finally all gone mad.

For you intel geeks, as we stated on PRAVDA on 10 Sep 2011:

1) There were 2 packages "Detonated" by the FBI/BATF - one in an air port in Kansas City, Terminal 3 and one on a bridge in New York City.

2) There were no nuclear detonations on 9/11. They are planned for 9/16, as previously stated. They will be a gift to us from David Rothschild in London for daring to believe in Freedom.

The Mainstream media and the "Alternate Media" like Alex Jones (Supported by the US Military contracts)put out this "Scare" of nukes on 9/11.

Hopefully, thanks to some good guys in the FBI an US military, we will find these incoming nukes and get rid of them peacefully.

I rag on the FBI not because there are not some really good folks working 24/7 for us, but because their leaders are very corrupt and quite gay and twisted in their thinking.

3) The collapsing markets and European Banks this week are brought to you by David Rothschild in London. France: $6/loaf in Paris by December 2011. Thank you cowardly president of for that one.

4) The underground Base Collapsing this week will be brought to you by the head of the VA, who is still selling military records around the world so Wikileaks will once again reach out and touch you living underground until you come out of your rat holes and assist.

5) The sun going a bit nuts this week will be brought to you by GOD.

6) The huge number of large quakes this week will also be brought to you by GOD.


As for the Nukes coming in 16 Sep 2011:

NY City: Keep an eye out for the Ottoman sized package on the NW side by between 2 docks and look for suspicious packages near the SE tip of the island.

LA - Keep the detection equipment pointed between the LA Mayors Office and Covina.

Chicago - I still am feeling just south of the Stock Exchange on the old french "Loche."

DC - "You in big doo doo". There is a sewer/drainage underground using corrugated metal pipe in the north central area leading out of the city. Look there. Also look for a red Chevy Impala 1972 rust bucket driving into DC from the East. He may be going in to New York, but I feel DC. He is an Ex-NSA Agent, black curly hair, partially gray, thin, 5'9". His nerves are fried.

Pittsburg: Look directly East about 10 miles. Why Pittsburg? Something underground there is targeted.

Obama - do not fly to Europe on the 9th of October. Stay in a box, you and your 2 doubles.

As for your Prayers: The Dallas Texas weather report shows cooling weather moving into the area in 4 days.

I spent several seasons as a Forester before joining US Army. Every September through December most of our days were spent putting out fires.

Going from 100 Degrees to 83 Degrees is a great help. In addition there are clouds moving in and there may be some mild rain.

Pray with me - Visualize - that these clouds turn to rain for the sake of the fire fighters.

George Norrey - they could use your Visualizations and Prayers as well. The BOSS way upstairs says to you: "Keep Up Your Good Work, I Am Pleased with you."

For the owner of APFN: GOD says your stories go allot further than you realize.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta
pt (Ret) USA
Thank you for reading and Good Night

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