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William Mount
Thu Sep 22, 2011 07:21

When one asks the question why we ordered so many full body x-ray machines to place in the airports one must follow the money.

First, since Homeland Security and the FAA are private corporations owned by the IMF, and since Congress has given them a full monopoly in the Airport Industry, they can order these machines and YOU will pay for them. USC 5, sec 105.

Remember - USC 22-286, the Corporation of the United States is under reconstruction by the IMF - the World Bank.

$$$$$ Now - follow the money:

So the head of Home Land Security (Michael Chertoff) ordered these "Rapid Scanners" through his Consulting Firm (The Chertoff Group). He made a handsome fortune off of you the tax payer.

Who owns Rapid Scan - OSI systems.

OSI Systems is owned by the Scope Company.

What does the Scope Company do:

1)It runs a company that takes food waste and feeds it to cattle. Rotten, garbage. Just look at the number of Hits on the Net of Vets sending their dead animals to the Meat Rendering Factory. It's Called: Food Waste. In many states dead Humans are Food Waste.

2)Scope owns meat rendering factories. You know - like the one in my town that rendered Elsi the Elephant into Hot dogs and dog food.

So what happens to you if you eat this?

It turns out that when one eats Human Brain Material one of your Alleles on one of your genes changes. CODON 127 changes to CODON 129. Dog and cat brains, cow brains do not do this, do not do this - only human brains.

Following 29 different studies on the net, we find that about 50% of ALL Russians, Europeans, and North American's have CODON 127. The percentages get much higher with minorities.

Yup - we have eaten Humans.

Human Crackers - Soilent Green.

You would think that the FDA is doing it's job? Well, it is. It is protecting the interests of the IMF - the World Bank.

This is how evil Homeland Security Directors really are.

Not only do the TSA workers (Homeland Security) put their hands down children's pants while you are held back at gun point, they support this Meat Packing Industry that has fed half of America Humans.

Cannibalism in America, Canada, Germany, Russia, England, ..... on a large scale.

So what happens to you after eating Human's:

If you do have CODON 129 in your DNA you will get Alzheimer's.

As a side note - there is a TV station in South Korea that purchased some Pep Pills from China rather recently. It turns out that when a child is Aborted in China the babies have their parts harvested and the rest are dehydrated by a microwave and ground up whole into "Pep Pills."

May I remind you that you - the American Tax Payer - pays for ALL Chinese Abortions, by a Presidential Order from Obama.

I hosted a gal from China when she came here back in 1989. She said that she has to walk by an Abortion Clinic in China daily and it sounds like squealing pigs. Many babies are aborted at 9 months when the Government notices that the woman is pregnant and already has 1 child. So she cries every morning on the way to work to screaming babies that you, the American Tax Payer, pay to be killed in a Microwave Oven.

For You Intel Geeks

Bon Appe'tit, the dogs are on the Barbie!


Pray - Visualize - that those conducting these evil practices are taken off this planet immediately.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta
Cpt (Ret) USA

    • Codon 127 (C->T); CAG(Gln)->TAG(stop codon) beta° (dominant, inclusion body, beta-thal trait) MECHANISM This nonsense mutation results in the synthesis of a shorter beta chain (126 amino acids long)... more
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