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Sightings Reported over Stephenville, Dublin, & Tolar, TX
Thu Feb 23, 2012 14:22

Sightings Reported over Stephenville, Dublin, & Tolar, TX
Published: 2:51 PM 2/22/2012
Dublin, Texas - 02-21-12

At 7:27 PM, I received a phone call from a friend. My young children were being prepared for bed by my wife and me so I stepped into my garage to talk on the phone in quiet.

I live in a rural area in western Erath County, Texas, on a farm that we purchased in part for its southern and western view (we can see for approx. 40-60 miles in either direction).

As I spoke with my friend, two unbelievably bright lights appeared at about 15-20 degrees above the horizon; no more than 1 mile above my pasture.

At first I thought they were engines on a large jet that was apparently crashing coming straight north toward my house.

They then disappeared, followed by what looked like fireworks with a trail after they disappeared.

Almost immediately afterward, ten to fifteen of the brilliant lights appeared in a straight row at equal distances across the sky from east to west.

The light began in the middle and went out in both directions, hovered for 20 seconds, and disappeared. I yelled for my wife and when she came small flashing lights were all over the sky moving in ways we have never seen an airplane operate; up, down, sideways.

The same or a very similar process as the first happened again a few minutes later to the east with both my wife and I watching.

Soon afterward we heard jets in the night sky but did not see them. Also, while this entire event happened there was low hum and sometimes an odd rumble. We are very rational, calm, college educated adults.

We don’t know what we saw other than very strange lights. I started writing this less than 1 hour after it happened.

Stephenville, Texas - 12-21-12

After the initial event of the 5 objects visible at once with the strobing lights (6) flashing V-shaped from left to right, then there were single glows starting at southwest of my position from Highway 4 and the Stephenville Rd. Then they were south-southwest, then in the middle of the two previous lights.

They did not flash like a beacon, but flared on and off in the span of 2 seconds like a glow on and off. The color was red-orange.

I know what flares look like and there is no flare that can reach 10 to 12 thousand feet. They were stationary.

The event lasted for the 30 minutes I was at the intersection. The event appeared to be over the Stephenville area.

Tolar, Texas - 12-21-12

I was driving west on Hwy 377 between Granbury and Tolar, around 7:30 on 2/21/12 looking towards the southwest with my girlfriend.

I noticed a bright flash of a light in the sky and it caught my attention. I waited about 10 seconds, and then the lights became more apparent. They were not airplanes and one would light up the next to another, then the first would go away.

Then the lines became longer and more of them in different areas directing different ways, but not too far from each other.

Some of the main lights looked more of a red color. My girlfriend saw part of it, but was only worried about sleeping. I have seen questionable lights in the past, but never any like this or that many, but they have always been toward the Stephenville area.

But I’m not sure of how far they were from me; just sure they were high in the air. I was too consumed with the lights to even think about grabbing my phone to try to record it.

They seemed to just fade off not really flying anywhere or moving, just hovering and glowing brightly.

I waited and watched for plane lights or small flashing lights from a jet or plane but never saw any.

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Selected comment:

Kevin.... There was a huge UFO flap back in 2008 in Stephenville Tx. which included witnesses from the Sheriffs Dept. who confirmed sightings of gigantic UFO's over the Central Texas area very close to the Crawford Ranch that President Bush was living in at the time.

One guy was out hunting and spotted one right above tree top level that was big enough to land an airplane on.

He actually got a good look at it with the scope on his rifle and said there were no rivets, weld marks or any other earthly manufacturing traits.

It was almost like a molded piece of plastic..very smooth and streamlined and extremely huge!!! He was blown away by the experience and expressed to everyone that to this day he wants to know what it was he witnessed.

Texas has been a hot spot the last year or two for some reason. I live in this big state and have been keeping track of what has been reported..... Google the last flap and see what info you can come up with. Keep your eyes to the sky.

rfraga rfraga 2/23 Repl


Unknown Flying Object with Ring Seen over Michigan
Published: 4:53 PM 2/15/2012
Traverse City, Michigan - 02-08-12

The witness went out for a smoke, and facing north she noticed what she thought was a plane, but it was traveling too fast.

Then she realized it was a light. It stopped and hovered. Then she noticed a gray ring around it, it was round in shape.

Then it went slower, made a circle, then moved straight, then a figure eight and then hovered again.

The light got extremely bright and just disappeared. There was no sound and the sighting lasted 3-5 minutes. She was the only witness that she was aware of.

The witness wonders how anyone could not have seen such a bright light.

There was a light gray sky with a high ceiling. The closest building is 150 yards away, and it appeared to be 4 inches above that from the witness' perspective.

If she could cover it up a golf ball would cover it or a bit smaller. It came from west to east.

Two hours later she saw helicopters flying in many different directions. After dark a couple more showed up. They do see helicopters from time to time but have never seen that many in a short period of time.

She was very excited and called a friend who told her about MUFON. She was also told to write this all down.

Her stomach was in knots, legs jittery; she was so emotional she cried a lot the next day. She said she felt a sense of loss.

By the third day she was fine. She believes in UFOs and had been thinking about them lately for some reason. She has seen objects flying straight out on youtube but nothing like what she witnessed.

The witness is 61 and is a part time web and graphic designer. To her knowledge no family members have ever seen anything like this. She is curious if others shared the same experience.

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Thousands of jellyfish wash ashore on South Padre Island
by Daisy Martinez

Catherine Penz and her husband Pat Rakowski are Winter Texans from Canada.

They love visiting South Padre Island because they enjoy the fishing but they spotted something strange while reeling in their catch near Beach Access Six on Monday.

"I dont know why, but everywhere on the beach here there were quite a few of them, Rakowski said. “I was kind of surprised."

Rakowski said he and his wife have been coming to South Padre Island for five years and have never seen so many.

Viewer Louis Balderas sent a picture of what happened to the Action 4 News Facebook Fan Page.

It shows what seem to be hundreds of Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish - on the shores of the north end of South Padre Island.

The photo has been circulating among Rio Grande Valley residents on Facebook and Twitter.

Tony Reisinger is a coastal resources agent with the State of Texas.

He told Action 4 News that the concentration of man-o-war jellyfish was in an isolated area several miles north of Beach Access Six

Reisinger said that the jellyfish likely washed ashore after preying on fish in the area.

"They go where there's food and they depend on the wind and we usually have what we call blooms in different areas and right now there's a lot of fish that are spawning,” he said.

Reisinger warns people not to touch the man-o-war because even out of the water, certain parts of the jellyfish are poisonous and could sting..

"If you touch the tentacles, they will stick little tiny harpoons into your body with a toxin on them so that it will affect you,” he said.

Anyone who gets stung is asked to remove any part still stuck to their skin and try soothing the sting with meat tenderizer.

Reisinger said although it may not have been a typical site, there's nothing unusual about the amount of jellyfish that washed up to shore.

He said there's nothing to do at this point, but let mother nature take its course.

City of South Padre Island officials told Action 4 News that the jellyfish are not on city beaches and that they are safe to visit.

City of South Padre Island Statement:

The City of South Padre Island beaches are clear from the presence of jellyfish and are safe to visit. The concentration of jellyfish that was reported was in an isolated area several miles north of County Beach Access #6.

An extensive patrol was conducted by city staff and a minor presence of jellyfish was visible along City beaches.

“City beaches are currently not being impacted by the influx of jellyfish that washed up yesterday at the county beaches to the north,” said Coastal Resources Manager, Reuben Treviño.

As a precaution, City staff recommends being careful while visiting the beach and enjoying the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

If encountering a jellyfish, please avoid contact. For more information please contact Coastal Resources Manager, Reuben Treviño at (956) 761-3035 or at
Posted: 02.21.2012 at 7:17 PMUpdated: 02.22.2012 at 11:55 AM

Watch video here:


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