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UFO Spotted by Ft. Worth, TX Corrections Officers
Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:15

UFO Spotted by Ft. Worth, TX Corrections Officers
Published: 1:10 PM 3/26/2012
Ft. Worth, Texas - 03-24-12

I was walking outside in the parking lot at work doing my rounds. This is at the Corrections Center where I work as a Corporal. As I was checking on an officer working a guard station outside we were both looking up; it was a very nice night, no wind around 72 temp, no clouds and no moon.

Then seen out of the black, still night a triangle-shaped craft around 75 degrees up appeared not moving fast at all. It was heading north towards Ft. Worth coming from the south.

I figure it was around 500 to 1000 ft. away and around 4,000 to 6,000 ft. up. It had dim, rounded lights that could be seen very well, and one light inside the other starting at the tip and working their way back for a set of 6 lights.

As it moved north, I walked with it moving through the parking lot. The parking lot lights will light up as you pass under them, so seen from above they are turning on one by one.

The craft started to pick up speed, so I moved faster than it moved; faster until I was running. Aout that time it just took off flat and level as fast as a blink of the eye.

As I turned back to see, the other officer was right with me. We headed back to the guard station and there was a squad car stopped. The officer was out of his car asking if we were ok. He had seen us running through the parking lot thinking we were chasing someone.

Yes, we were chasing something I said, and told him what we had seen. He was in disbelief at first, then frustration, like he had just lost the lotto winning ticket.

He said they had been getting calls about that all evening. After getting back inside and telling some other officers what we had seen, one officer said he heard people calling into dispatch.

Control was dispatching calls about suspicious activity in the skies at 3:00 AM.

To get a grasp of its size, do this take your index finger and thumbs and place them together like a triangle shape and stretch out your arms. That craft was a little larger then that at around 4, to 6,000, ft. up.

My guess is comparing its size to the building sizes it was passing over to be around 150 to 200 ft. wide and 250 to 300 ft. long, no smaller then this; only larger.

It made no sounds and moved more like it was slipping through the sky then using the sky to keep it up.

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Possible UFO over California Mountain Caught on Photo/Video
Published: 11:17 AM 3/29/2012
San Bernardino, California - 03-01-12

2012/ 182 On March 1, two separate sightings were reported of an alleged UFO seen over a mountain in San Bernardino, CA.

Youtube user iandemarcos uploaded his video, and stated that he and a few friends saw the object and were freaked out.

He did not assert that the unknown object was alien-related, but that it was "undentified."

Footage was taken from his Iphone at about 3:30 PM.

Youtube user RainD221 was visiting San Bernardino, when he spotted the same object above the mountain. He snapped one photograph.

When he looked at the mountain, the object was already there, and he only saw it for a moment before it "jetted" up at an angle, and very quickly disappeared into the sky, and out of his view.

What was captured on video and photo? Add your comments.

(Note: The original video was quite pixelated, and we cleaned it up somewhat.)

Watch video (.38) here:


Unknown Flying Object Seen over Syracuse, NY
Published: 3:35 PM 3/21/2012
Syracuse, New York - 03-12-12

Shape: Other Duration: 5 minutes

What is hovering over Syracuse?

This is the second time I saw this object within a month on a cloudy night.

I left my house and drove down Court Street toward the Eastwood section of Syracuse when I instantly saw this rectangle-shaped object in the sky. It was hovering low in and out of the clouds over Eastwood-Lyncourt area of Syracuse, NY.

It had white and red circle lights on it from left to right and the red lights look like LED lights; not bright, but not dim and the white lights looked a little blue.

The airport is nearby and I ruled out any airplanes or helicopters because there was an airplane getting ready to land and that didnít look like any helicopter.

There were about ten cars on the road around me. It didnít make any noise and I heard that they were testing drones at the airport, but that wasn't any drone and why would a drone be out when passenger planes are trying to land?

I saw the same thing earlier this month in the same spot around the same time. I tried to call my girlfriend, but the E-phone didnít have any signal until I didn't see it anymore and then the call went through.

I am a very skeptical person, but this is something I can't explain and I canít find anything on the Net about it, but I did find a video of what Iím talking about on YouTube; "UFO over Syracuse" is the name of the video and it sure looks exactly like what I saw.

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Two Witnesses Report Two UFOs over New Mexico Soccer Field
Published: 1:19 PM 3/26/2012
New Mexico - 03-23-12

A friend and I were at the Cielo Grande Soccer Field Track walking on the far west side of the track where there was a row of trees, around 9:45 PM.

We noticed a red, blinking white light heading eastbound with no noise.

Then we noticed what had appeared to be a disc tilted at an angle at the same time about toward the northwest. They had the same colored lights.

We started to notice that the objects were moving towards us at a quick pace, slowly descending at what appeared to be about 400 ft.

We tried to use our cell phones to record what we were seeing before we ran. My friend's initial reaction seemed to be a fight or flight response. I kept looking at the objects as they approached.

He said to me, "RUN, RUN!" As we ran through the soccer field we kept looking at the lights as they appeared over us, possibly 100 - 300 ft. in the sky.

As we ran, we noticed a car pulling up to the parking lot; as they had seen us running toward their direction.

They immediately left, right as we made it towards a street lamp. As we stood there we watched the triangle-shaped objects head south bound for about a good 5 minutes.

Then discussed what we had seen, my friend no longer wanting to stay, we parted ways and headed home.

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