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9/11 - What You Can Do
Sun Sep 9, 2012 02:32

I was alerted to this by William Alek, whose recent radio interview talked about "The Mastermind behind 9/11".

Links - Dov Zakheim 9 11 Mastermind -

9/11 Aircraft Technologies - Dov Zakheim (AlienScientist))

- SPC official website - description of remote control capability

html#hijackers -

At some point, the masterminds and their agents will hijack the plot from the would-be hijackers, to make sure it happens. You won't risk the whole game on the ability of amateurs to get away with it, you will help them along or even replace them (with a remote control hijacking, for example). But it's best to have "real terrorists" in play. They leave a more solid trail of evidence internationally.

What You Can Do

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