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willpwilson 908
WA I-502 also legalizes the sale of pot by reg Businesses.
Sat Nov 24, 2012 15:39

November 24, 2012 Reply on Cannabis (I-502) legalization Sent by daveapex
Also, to let people know that we will be interviewing Alison Holcomb (the author of I-502) this next week (or in the following weeks) on the All Day Live show concerning her views of this now statewide Cannabis Legalization as an elected and accepted initiative, and also with Northwest highly well known and respected lawyer, Michael Reid, (a marijuana law pioneer). On the All Day Live TV show - -

Please read the following reply from Dave:

Dave - to - Will,

If you are still connected with the I-502 folks, please pass this on.

Inside the provisions of I-502 is the language of regulation and taxation.

You and I both understand, you cannot have a tax unless you have a regulated business transaction.

In other words I-502 also legalizes the sale of pot by regulated businesses.

The people of this state have spoken. They did not just approve carrying up to an ounce of pot.

They approved a state regulated businesses of all aspects of getting the pot from the grower to the smoker.

This business side has not been spoken of during any of the media clips I have heard.
November 24, 2012 To Bruce Perlowin ( and to David Tobias ( from Will P. Wilson, Bruce and David, I am getting over having been hospitalized for the past two weeks and am still recovering from a severe illness period.

We are still trying to find funding for Dawn Darington and her Choice Wellness Centers & CWC Gardens, after the store had to be transplanted from the University District to Aurora Avenue North due to what is now understood to have been an unwarranted DEA notice to cease and desist order.

Apparently 24 Medical Cannabis Dispensaries were notified to cease and desist in April of this year, and it was later discovered that apparently the DEA cease and desist orders were issued because the dispensaries were within one thousand feet of a park or a school.

But in later observation, the Choice Wellness Center was not within one thousand feet of a park and or a school, and in the mean time several other dispensaries that are still located in the University of Washington District were not notified to cease and desist all though their locations are within one thousand feet of schools and parks.

The entire circumstance may open up a law suit against the DEA for selectively targeting only specific Medical Cannabis Dispensaries.

This recent transplanting of the Choice Wellness Center and CWC Gardens to 8600 Aurora Avenue North, in North Seattle has cost Dawn Darington and the Choice Wellness Center almost two months of lost revenue, and we are trying to find investment sources who will also accept stock in Choice Wellness Centers & CWC Gardens.

We, being Dawn and our media broadcasts through the AllDayLive TV programs have placed our County Organic Medical Cannabis Food Safety, Delivery, Labeling, Handling, Packaging, Codes, Ordinances, etc, to now being listened to by people in high places.

And, thereof, and since we were able to interview and help to get the new King County Sheriff John Urquhart to get elected including the new Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson and also Roger Goodman to be re-elected to the Washington State Legislature that we now have a powerful pull in Northwest politics. John Urquhart the new county sheriff wants to work with us to put together a committee to oversee the development of the organic medical cannabis acts, and codes and Bob Ferguson wants to also work with Dawn and myself to put this together.

I am doing all that I can to catch up, after having had to move seven times in a year and half, and now having been ill, etc, and we are trying to do our best, or thereof, Dawn has been horrendously working over time to try to keep this entire ship afloat. And, yes, I and we want to keep working with this Organic Medical Cannabis County recognized Organic Food Safety, Packaging, Delivery, Growing, Food Processing, Tinctures, Oils, Medibles, etc. Please call if you can to myself (206) 383 - 4817 or to Dawn (206) 498 - 7301

If anyone may have an idea as to how to help us to find funding for this Organic Medical Cannabis program that involves Dawn Darington (and her Choice Wellness Centers & CWC Gardens) being the most outspoken proponent to the creation of Washington State Organic Medical Cannabis Standards and Ethics in the Northwest.

We just interviewed Danny Danko of High Times for this week who is the head Cultivation Editor, discussing on the All Day Live program the future of Organic Medical Cannabis Standards, Practices, and Guidelines.
This weeks All Day Live show covers:
The first half hour is with Danny Danko the Cultivation Editor for High-Times magazine - -

The second half hour is with Mathew Gordon the creator of the Old-Toby Organic Medical Cannabis Strain.

On the panel discussion is Dawn Darington the founder of the Choice Wellness Centers ( and CWC Gardens of Seattle who is the strongest advocate currently in the Northwest concerning the Organic Medical aspects of organic medical cannabis here in the state of Washington and also pertaining to creating county codes and regulations that will govern Organic Medical Cannabis standards, practices, ethics and codes, etc.

Also on this program is Heather Lawless who is a well known organic growing and organic cannabis expert and consultant.

Also, Bennie Greenman an expert on organic pesticides.

All Day Live is produced by Will P. Wilson
please contact Will P. Wilson, at and at -

Information can be sent by attachment if anyone has an idea as to how Dawn Darington and her leading Organic Medical Cannabis program can still be sustained in order to help Dawn to keep moving forward on her hope that Organic Medical Cannabis Standards will be recognized by the counties of Washington State and the entire country.

Also, having been working with several University of Washington Medical Students who did find out after I had mentioned on the air that Medical Cannabis may help to remove nuclear contamination out of the human body, that this is apparently true.

Dawn Darington ( is in need of funding at this time and will provide stock in the Choice Wellness Centers & CWC Gardens. Choice Wellness Centers will be soon representing a unique sole representation of several Northwest exclusive cannabis strains. Please get back to her at Dawn (206) 498 - 7301 -,,

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