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William Mount
Sun Nov 25, 2012 04:08

Dr Wilson - great article.

Recent legislation in Washington State dictates the legalization of Marijuana throughout the state.

Recent rulings by the Private Corporations (Owned by the IMF) The United Nations and the The International Drug Trafficking Control Board threaten to over turn the vote of the people.

Apparently the CIA will stands to loose too much money if we fully legalize Cannabis. Please note that your Director - General "Betray Us" was just arrested (9/11/12) for trying to kill the President, more arrests of your agents are about to occur all over the world.

Well - I have one word for the Private Corporations of the CIA and United Nations and other IMF owned companies: You may go to "HE Double Hockey Sticks."

I am the resistance to your over bearing thugs.

I will never use Cannabis, nor do I endorse it's use - but people should have the right to grow, and use, this product.

If you want to cure cancer follow the protocols in: THE CURE FOR CANCER UPDATE 3.

If you want to get high, smoke or eat Dope.

Granted - all the land in America is owned by the Resolution Trust Fund and you CAN say what we can and cannot do on your land - Zeig Heil - but this is all about to change.

Remember - any one can place a lean against a Judges Surety Bond at Allstate or State Farm and get a judge kicked out of office if they disobey the Constitution, even though it has been suspended.

To file against a Judges (Congressman, Senator, Chief of Police, Prosecuting Attorney, Etc) Surety Bond: Just go to the Insurance Company and Type UP and Affadavit on how the Constitution was suspended and get a receipt for an expense and place the receipt against his bond. He is out of office.

You forgot one tiny little fact: GOD, and it's Show Time.

Dr Will P Wilson - great article.

Dr William B. Mount

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    • MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION — William Mount, Sun Nov 25 04:08
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