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William Mount
Wed Dec 5, 2012 06:02

The story THE TEN STEPS is an outline of a plan hatched by the Vatican Chiefs to literally destroy the Western World.

It is a rough outline of why is planned for 2012 - why they will all celebrate in New York, Geneva and London.

They will celebrate Death, destruction, mayhem, rape, murder, etc. This is what those who follow Lucifer do.

Already we can see much of this plan has been implemented - the spraying from jets, storm manipulation, forced vaccinations, etc.

We also stated that 3 more Ambassador's would be killed, one would be Russian.

No sooner than the ink dried on THE TEN STEPS yet another Ambassador was "Suicided" - this one was a Russia Ambassador named: Branislav Milincovic.

Apparently someone dusted his pillow at the motel with a Neurotransmitter Modifier Powder and then laced his drink with some as well. He went nuts and jumped off a Parking Garage roof.

In common language: He was poisoned and went insane, and then killed himself.

So - As we warned right here on APFN before they took place: In November we had a hit on Pres Obama 9/11/12, and attack on a US city (Indianapolis) and an attempt on Pres Putin's Life, and now a murdered Russian Ambassador.

My wife and I were discussing the fact that no one seems to be listening, or at least the contacts we have had all appear false.

When you add up all the readers of APFN - all the Intel geeks, all the other websites that copy these stories, it adds up to around 10 Million.

Yet - it seems like no one even knows we exist?

President Putin or President Obama - not so much as one thank you.

No legal protection - the United States State Department will not even recognize Russian Passport AA-0029, nor will they recognize a Passport as an Ambassador stamped by the Ukranian Government.

So - rather than working with them directly we post on APFN and PRAVDA and it shows how really Stupid (Or Arrogant) these men at the the top are who make up the rules.

After all - Dead is Dead - and there might have been 2 dead President's in November unless We posted.

So I post. Thank you APFN for being a huge part of this.

I am only sorry tat the Russian Intel Geeks did not heed my warnings and now must answer for a Dead Russian Ambassador - poisoned.

There will yet be another Dead Russian Ambassador - but nowt for a little bit.

As for Pres Putin - you have a few Very Powerful folks both In Russia and in Rome who are conspiring to kill you - if you do not desire GOD's assistance - then figure it out on our own - Oodachie.
We also had, as stated here on APFN, a NEW ROMAN POPE - he has a soft nose, (Not Pointed) and stands up straight (No Hump) does not have beady little inset eyes and WEARS GLASSES.

This NEW POPE may not have been ANOINTED but he has been APPOINTED.

According to the Roman Catholic Prophesy on the Popes of 1139 by Saint Malachy - this is the last Roman Pope - then Rome must be utterly destroyed - Nuked as it were. If this does not occur then the entire Catholic Church is a lie.
Thanks to the apparent speeding up of these events my wife no longer considers me absolutely insane (Like most Wives do of their husbands).

What she does not understand is why I am not on more TV and Radio interviews and protected by the very folks who's lives we have endeavored to save?

Either way I would like to thank APFN for once again being a huge part of stopping these assassinations of Presidents and the initiation of Nuclear Wars.
I am truly sorry that Russian Intel did not consider carefully the assassination of their Ambassador AFTER they were warned here on APFN.

To the wives and children of Ambassador Branislav Milicovic - my deepest felt sorrow - I am sorry your SVR (KGB) failed you - they were warned but felt it un-necessary to come for further clarification.
Please Pray that those leaders in charge take what is said here on APFN more seriously and actin more Adult Manner when lives are threatened, rather than like a bunch of little children barely able to walk and talk.

If things go well here we will refocus and give the cures for Blindness, Diabetes, and Depression in a few days. So far - we have "Cured" all of these maladies.

As for THE CURE FOR CANCER UPDATE 3 and THE CURE FOR AUTISM UPDATE 3 the results pouring in are incredible.

For now - I need a break.

Thank you so very much APFN readers for your positive thoughts and prayers.

Your Friend;

Dr William B. Mount

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