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William Mount
Wed Dec 5, 2012 06:23

The plans outlined are to be initiated AFTER the New World Order celebration 22-29 Dec 2012.

In other words - they are scheduled for 2013.

I am very sorry that US Army Cyber Command and Allied Signal Group change dates and spellings in these Blogs - but I cannot control this.

It makes these Blogs hard to read - but without the Assistance of any Formal Government we it is what it is.

We can Rant and Rave about it but in reality it will not change UNTIL the Passports given to me are formally recognized by one of the Big Boys - Russian, Chinese, Brazilians, etc.

I am sorry - the Ukranian government is not one of the Big Boys and Russia is too wimpy (at this time) to admit Royalty still exists in Russia. They may MAN UP in time. After all - this was the 5th Attempt on Pres Putin we have warned him about since we got into the media, and all 5 attempts have been reported in outside papers.

After All - President Putin may wish to live.

There is a statement in Russia: Only Bishops and above speak for the Holy Spirit and therefor only their prophesies are 100% true.

Funny thing is - I did not get involved in the media stating what GOD says is about to happen until I became a Russian Bishop. Thus by my formal recognition by Pres Putin he would unify the Russian Orthodox Church and only strengthen his position in Russia.

Time will tell what happens.

Until then - thank you APFN for hosting me.

So please bear with us and overlook the Grammatical Errors as it is the best we can do at this time.

Dr William B. Mount

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