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Idaho Organic Farmer SWAT-Teamed; Warrantless Search Of Home
Thu Dec 6, 2012 20:42

December 07, 2012 - Posted at:
Idaho Organic Farmer SWAT-Teamed; Conducted Warrantless Search Of Home
Friday, December 7, 2012 - Thursday December 6, 2012
Pete Santilli speaks with Michael (Bear) Gibbons and wife Marcella who’s constitutional rights were broken during a home invasion by Gem County law-enforcement in Letha Idaho.

August 16 Gem County Sheriff's Office SWAT raid - -

Episode #290 - Idaho Organic Farmer SWAT Teamed; Conducted Warrantless

A 911 call by someone calling herself April reported she overheard the couple fighting and said she thought Michael was “beating” his wife.

According to William N. Grigg who reports for the following is a transcript of the transmissions of Gem County law enforcement enroute that day:

“Are you familiar with these guys?” asked a deputy identified in the 911 recordings as “Officer 57.”

“Negative,” answered another deputy designated “Officer 56.”

“I am, and it’s affirmative, there is [sic] weapons,” continued Officer 57. “He is – or at least was – anti-law enforcement. We’ve had issues with him. He’s a Constitutionalist.”

Were Mr. Gibbons and his wife Marcella victims of political profiling? The evidence speaks for itself.

Law-enforcement moved onto the Gibbons organic farm, yanked Marcella Gibbons out of her house, manhandled her bruising her body and then proceeded to do the same to her husband. Regardless of protest by Marcella, that she had not been beaten, Gem County Sheriffs then entered the home. They proceeded to search without warrant or cause. Michael Gibbons was shortly thereafter arrested on the pretense of having a marijuana grow room that later proved to be a “county approved” grow room the Gibbons use for growing vegetable seedlings.

This interview stands as a witness to the POLICE STATE we are now all subject to. Based on a neighbors call, and the clear bias against constitutionalist in Gem County Idaho, Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons were taken from their home bruised and battered and thrown in jail.

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