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Fukushima Unchained
Fri Dec 7, 2012 21:08

Finding of uranium in the urine of Hawaiians is a very distressing concern. Following the very suspicious Fukushima episode which some researchers claim was a manmade tsunami, we get the picture of a horrendous coverup going on here. Japan's contact with radiation emanating from the Fukushima reactors is spreading and the Japanese government has covered up much of this information going back to the origin when the reactors blew up.
Indeed, were nukes placed and exploded at Fukushima? There is much tomfoolery going on there and here, too. Radiation levels are rarely, if ever, discussed on the US West Coast. Why is this so? Is this merely part of an intrigue emanating from a political situation that has gotten out of control? Some researchers claim that Japan was making radioisotopes for sale to Iran and this was the rationale for the eventual nuclear detonation that caused tsunami formation. It is already noted and known that the quake was not Richter 9, but closer to Richter 6. No damage to buildings was noted on videotapes as the tsunami rolled into the Sendai area, and a Richter 9 would have destroyed a huge area completely.
Perhaps Americans living on our West Coast need immediate examination and analysis for presence of radioactive substances that came over in the ocean or in the atmosphere wind currents. Clearly, this situation is extremely dangerous. Already, children in the greater Sendai area of Japan are already showing damaged thyroid glands as a result from radiation seeding the area.
This situation is very volatile and we must investigate immediately. Oh, I forgot. Our government is no longer interested in serving the taxpayers' needs. The president is too busy choosing tee times at the Hawaiian golf courses to bother with such trivia. Sorry, Mr. President, have a nice round of golf on your 23 million dollar vacation courtesy of the American taxpayer.

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    • Fukushima Unchained — mljanket, Fri Dec 7 21:08
      • Not a Word of Disagreement...jchorak7441, Sun Dec 9 00:52
        I cannot find a word of disagreement to have with your post here, mljanket. The potential of Fukushima to be part of a multiple weapons system for worldwide genocide is becoming more and more... more
        • browns gas neutralizes nuclear elementswillpwilson 908, Mon Dec 10 13:24
          And, so they continue to murder the scientists who could stop this Globalist (Vatican Rothschild-Reptilian-Orion-Draco) insanity: Dr. Thomas B. Manton -... more
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