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Not a Word of Disagreement...
Sun Dec 9, 2012 00:52

I cannot find a word of disagreement to have with your post here, mljanket. The potential of Fukushima to be part of a multiple weapons system for worldwide genocide is becoming more and more credible. One clue of this is how potassium iodide was removed from the shelves of all pharmacies in the US just after the first Fukusima event. Potassium iodide was determined to be the ONLY effective treatment for radiation sickness by the AEC in the fifties. Had it been given to the children of Fukushima, it would have saved their thyroids and their first line of defense against radioactive isotopes, not just iodine 131.

  • Fukushima Unchainedmljanket, Fri Dec 7 21:08
    Finding of uranium in the urine of Hawaiians is a very distressing concern. Following the very suspicious Fukushima episode which some researchers claim was a manmade tsunami, we get the picture of a ... more
    • Not a Word of Disagreement... — jchorak7441, Sun Dec 9 00:52
      • browns gas neutralizes nuclear elementswillpwilson 908, Mon Dec 10 13:24
        And, so they continue to murder the scientists who could stop this Globalist (Vatican Rothschild-Reptilian-Orion-Draco) insanity: Dr. Thomas B. Manton -... more
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