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willpwilson 908
browns gas neutralizes nuclear elements
Mon Dec 10, 2012 13:24

And, so they continue to murder the scientists who could stop this Globalist (Vatican Rothschild-Reptilian-Orion-Draco) insanity: Dr. Thomas B. Manton - - -
browns gas neutralizes nuclear elements - - APFN - Hydroxy Gas (Water-Gas) Neutralizes All Nuclear Protons. -;article=142522;title=APFN - September 29, 2012 -

willpwilson nuclear chemistry

From a posted news report in 2009:

May 27, 2009 The All Day Live program this week pertains to an incredible interview with Dr. William B. Mount.
This progam will appear tomorrow night at 10:00 pm from Seattle from (no longer on-line) on windows media live.
Next weeks All Day Live will in part be discussing "The Destruction of Nuclear Waste," using Browns Gas - Hydroxy technologies that is simply only water. I have been approached by two local colleges here in Seattle area to help to create a college program based on Alternative Energy Technologies and the Browns Gas, Hydroxy technologies and as well as other verified technologies that include for example the Paul Pantone Plasma engine. Any input or inquiries for participating and or contributing to this will be greatly appreciated on this matter. The inventor Paul Pantone is currently without any warrant being detained in the Utah State penitentiary in order to silence him. Results 1 - 10 of about 400,000 for Paul Pantone.
Paul Pantone Interview, late January 2009: No help for USH patients -
Paul Pantone Introduction -
Paul Pantone Plasma Reactor Motor -
A local inventor and engineer has allowed for us to show his home built Pantone Engine on the All Day Live show.

Pertaining to the future possible discussion on "Hydroxy Gas," on the All Day Live show and it's ability to neutralize all nuclear waste. The All Day Live program appears weekly from I am also writing to acknowledge the receipt of a previous e-mail today regarding the possible future opportunity to get necessary funding and sponsoring in order to be able to create a new television infrastructure for on-line broadcasting and to also have this program infrastructure to be placed on national cable access. Pertaining to the All Day Live program and the other shows like Call4Investigation, that appear weekly on the network televsion channel. Todays All Day Live show is at 4:30 pm today Wednesday, May 27, and tomorrow Thursday night at 10:00 pm, Seattle time and it will most assuredly get some peoples attention as that this weeks program is an incredible interview with Dr. William B. Mount and as also mentioned in this article How We Humans are Now High Level Mind Control Targets -;article=2465 - (related) Below is an excerpt from a research project that led to the creating of the concept "Nuclear Chemistry."

I had funded and worked on in the early 1990s regarding the discovery of Nuclear Chemistry and that this research project further led to the discovery that all Nuclear Waste can be transmuted into being non nuclear waste via the ability or thereof, the discovery of this material being enabled to re-programmed via the reprogramming of the the nuclear proton using Browns Gas - Hydroxy, and by other means and methods involving the use of Browns Gas thereof, Hydroxy welding gas, that we had at the time discovered, that it will in fact neutralize all nuclear waste including it will also transmute all elements under certain circumstances, and with no resulting or residual waste by products, pollution, or released pollutant gasses, or released micro toxic materials, etc.

The following URL is to one my former colleagues Michael Wells Mandeville, who is a brilliant and accomplished research technician but he is alleged to be connected to the sinister reigning secret networks who behind the scenes, do control and call the shots on what goes on here in the Northwest and most likely throughout our country and the entire planet and who were also the elements who allegedly called for the destruction of my life and my life time of work and research and Mandeville was merely working for me in order to act allegedly as a handler for them and and as an agent provocateur ( - - He was only one of many (moles, plants, & operatives) who were utilized to completely sabotage my life, as that if I had been left alone with the ability to finance and manage these types of research projects then I would have obviously been interfering with these Elitist elements agendas and their intent on stealing the entire planet while mass murdering the entire human race with Depleted Uranium at the same time which is just what they are accomplishing at this time.

Dr. Mount mentioned that the only way to dismantle nuclear material is with the sole use of nuclear reactors when in fact the means of destroying or altering nuclear waste has been verified by more then forty University research departments by simply applying the use of Browns Gas technology that will readily and quickly neutralize and destroy all nuclear waste with no residual waste by products or pollution.

George Wiseman lives in the eastern part of Washington State.
Advanced transmutation processes and their application for the decontamination of radioactive nuclear wastes A. Michrowski President, Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc.
Results 1 - 10 of about 104,000 for Browns Gas nuclear waste.
Vis a vis, here is the information and the URL:
The following is based on extensive research whereas we had been working with a Mining Engineer named Jack Keller on the Keller Catalytic Process where Jack Keller had discovered another means for neutralizing nuclear waste based on his research and his using his discoveries to neutralize NORM, Normally Occuring Radio Active Material, and our working with Jack Keller led to the submitting of a U.S. Patent in 1993, that later was illegally withdrawn on the orders of the Rockefeller Foundation and Bechtel.



These experiments were undertaken to verify the "Keller Catalytic Process" and the "Barker Effect". They prove that radioactivity can be changed or eliminated at will by electrical or chemical means, opening the door to atomic chemistry.

by Michael Wells Mandeville with assistance from Frank Stasny, Gary Hawkins, & Will P. Wilson - ABSTRACT

The principal investigator undertook a series of experiments to test the "Barker effect" and the "Keller Catalytic Process" in changing the rate of radioactive decay of heavy elements (elements heavier than lead, such as radium, thorium, or uranium, all of which are radioactive). Barker claims that subjecting radioactive materials to high electrostatic potentials (50,000 volts to 500,000 volts) can increase or decrease the rate of radioactive decay, with short exposures of the high voltage capable of inducing erratic decay rates which slowly return to normal over a period of weeks. Keller claims that subjecting radioactive materials to the high heat and fusing reaction of a chemical process (Keller Catalytic Process) can eliminate the radioactivity completely.

An experiment conducted on October, 30 1993 by Jack Keller, using his "Keller Catalytic Process", showed a complete elimination of radioactivity in a sample of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) containing radium. Subsequent experiments were conducted separately and independently by the principal investigator in five series over a period of three months, December 1993 to March 1994. One series, CONTROLS C1-C14, constitute readings and manipulations of control samples of various formulations of radium in "NORM" (naturally occurring radioactive material). The other four series of experiments start with crude efforts which gradually become more refined and more decisive in demonstrating that the radioactive decay rate of radium in NORM can be altered at will by certain electromagnetic and chemical methods.

These results challenge prevailing opinions of scientists about the nature of radioactivity, which many physicists and chemists believe is immutable in nature, unless subjected to high energy nuclear bombardment (as in nuclear reactors, cyclotrons, atomic weapons, or suns).

In the simplest terms, the finding of these experiments is that the rate of radioactive decay, at least in radium, can be altered by electro/thermal chemical reactions or by high potentials of RF (electromagnetic radio frequency energy). Essentially, I have found that the claims of both inventors are substantially correct. Many of my experimental samples show clear, consistent patterns of major changes or diminuation of their radioactivity, which proves to me the validity of both the Barker effect and the Keller Catalytic Process (KCP), at least in general terms.

The major specific findings of these experiments are:

a) Fusing the radium into slag through a chemical reaction (using the specifications of the Keller Catalytic Process) has a clear effect. One sample which we monitored in November of 1993, fired by the inventor, showed a clear decay of all radioactivity to zero within about 72 hours. Other samples, which I fired and monitored myself, independently of the inventor and without his skill at obtaining a complete reaction, showed a remarkable decline in their radioactivity, by 50% to 70% (even though the reactions were amateurishly done without the requisite skill in making the material fuse thoroughly and completely) with a trend which shows some increase in the radioactivity one month after treatment.

b) Stimulating radium with the spark end of a large Tesla coil delivering more that 100,000 volts at low radio frequencies (most likely 50 kilocycles to 25 megacycles) for 30 minutes, while heated to 1400 degrees F, generates a clear effect. First, the rate of radioactivity decreases by as much as 50% over a period of time (a few days) and then it steadily increases over a period of about four weeks until it returns to as much as 75% of its original reading.

c) Heat up to 1400 degree F, in and of itself, seems to have no effect on the rate of radioactive decay of radium. We rather suspected that to begin with, since the high heats involved in nuclear reactors would have probably created results which the nuclear power industry would have detected long ago.

d) Stimulating radium with a Tesla Coil as in (a) above, but without heating the sample, creates a highly noticeable effect. First, the samples show an increase in radioactivity in their second reading (two of them showing greater than a 50% increase), which then decreases during a period of about seven weeks to come close to their original reading. This strange effect "parallels" the "Barker effect".

e) Strong magnetic impulses have little effect in changing the rate of radioactive decay.

f) Simply stimulating radium (in NORM) with a high voltage (12,000 volts AC from a neon sign transformer) seems to create a very strange effect, but I believe the measured effect (a sinusoidal wave of increased then decreased radioactivity) could very well be an "artifact", composed of purely random variations in the art of measuring the sample through time. This sample shows the difficulty of taking valid measurement.

g) The trends in the results are consistent for the types of experiments and among the multiple treatments which were done in each type, although variations in the sample compositions created quantitative differences in the results.

h) Great care was taken to insure that the radioactivity was not blowing off into the atmosphere or was being masked by some other material. The radioactive element did not "disappear", it was altered.

i) The Keller Catalytic Process clearly provides the strongest effect in the permanent elimination of radioactivity. It provides a clearly defined technology pathway, the exploration and development of which should be undertaken in a serious effort to solve the problem of disposing of radioactive waste.

The magnitude and clarity of these effects can be easily seen in the simple graphs with accompany this report. The expected error deviation of 4%. The standard allowance of error is 10%. The fusion fire experiments may have error deviations of 16% Any deviation (change in the graph line) greater than 20% in these graphs should be considered a significant indicator of the ability to alter the radioactivity of a sample.

Table 1: First Keller Sample, the result of the experiment conducted by Jack Keller in October, 1993 and monitored by Frank Stasny. This graph shows a typical decay rate for a radioactive element (radium) which has been treated by the Keller Catalytic Process.

Table 2: Third Round Fusion Fire, the results of four fusion experiments conducted by MW Mandeville on March 2, 1994. This graph shows a semi-successful application of the Keller Catalytic Process, achieving an average reduction in the radioactivity of radium in five samples from a net average CPM of 1395 to 525, a reduction of 62%.

Table 3: Third Round Tesla Treatment, the results of four Tesla/Kiln experiments conducted by MW Mandeville on March 2, 1994. This graph shows the result of simultaneously exposing four samples of radium in various compositions to over 100,000 volts RF from a Tesla coil for 30 minutes while heating the samples to about 1400 degrees F in a small ceramic kiln. The samples tend to show a 35% to 50% decrease in their net radioactivity two days after treatment, which then tends to recover to about 70%-90% of their pre-treatment readings over the course of a month.

Table 4: First Miniature Fusion, the results of a first effort to replicate the Keller Catalytic Process conducted February 8, 1994 by MW Mandeville. The graph shows post-treatment readings only, which gyrate widely, showing a first post-treatment reading about 35%-50% below the their comparable controls, then one sample (E208-1) recovers to what it was originally (inferred) while another (E208-4) gyrates widely (the split sample).

Table 5: Second Round Tesla Experiments, the results of two experiments using a Tesla coil to stimulate NORM with more than 100,000 volts of low RF energy, fed directly through the sample on the top end of the coil, and the result of one experiment where the coil feed wire had burned out inside of a kiln, resulting in no stimulation of the sample. The graph shows post-treatment readings only, which show a clear, strong wave-like response in the two successful experiments over a period of about seven weeks, first increasing, then decreasing. The graph also shows very little deviation (all within the allowance for average deviation) for the unsuccessful treatment (E204-2).

Table 6: Second Round Voltage Experiments, the results of two experiments,

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