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willpwilson 908
Mon Dec 24, 2012 18:43

December 24, 2012 - Ankara-Turkey-UFO-Event-12-14-2012-Somebody-Is-Not-Messing-Around? - Posted at the: Message News Board: - Reply to news post:;article=143365;title=APFN - UFO Casebook - Sky Phenomenon Videotaped over Ankara, Turkey Published: 1 - Mon Dec 24, - - Reference:
UFO Ankara, Turkey - - Further reference: - - -

This event is probably one of the most important Unidentified Flying Object (This term is out of date) (Observational Optical Atmospheric possibly being an Aether manifestation of some kind.).

Or thereof if it is truly appearing through the atmosphere which is comprised of aether plasma and the other mass spectrum of what we are a part of and what we are comprised of being manifested here on this planetary and inter related galactic and inter-dimensional matrix at this time.

Thereof, this photo (above) is obviously a very serious and important event, and at least the party that relayed this story did so as a great contribution to the study of atmospheric and planetary "aetheric," phenomena. Yet, most people and many UFO researchers may only be able to relate to this very important reported event as being solely and only a reported UFO phenomena.

When in fact it is time for us the people of this time to go another level higher in our knowledgeable understanding thus to allow for ourselves to begin to see this event but other future and past (UFO) events that are no longer being just something that is only unidentified but to relate to further to these event as observing as to how this unidentified phenomena is linking it's presence to us who are the (intelligently expanding) UFO atmospheric phenomena observers.

Yet, there are some further need for crucial observation of the for example the compiled time of the event, apparently it appeared and disappeared at almost sun down and thereof, it only appeared to disappear when night finally had fallen according to the observers report about the UFO video.

It does make sense for other (UFO) researchers to also contribute there further questions on and regarding this extremely rare event.

The video having been made in Ankara, Turkey thereof, what does this city's co-ordinates have to do with this event and maybe also how possibly the earth cycles may have to do with it also? Especially related to this particular time and place? And, in relation to the rest of this galaxy?

This incredible video taped phenomena in Ankara, Turkey is an extremely important report for all of the UFO researchers worldwide.

Thereof, thank you for posting this video taped event, which does need a great deal more (UFO) research and further historical disclosure and discovery of other witnessed reports of this event.

That the UFO research community should further keep track and research this and other types of events like this one.

Could this event have been something that has been manifested and further made present to this planetary realm due to concerns of some seriously guided and very advanced living types of intelligently manifested life forms?

And so thereof, does this event possibly tie or other historically reported and researched UFO and Atmospheric phenomena that we as being currently intelligently evolving beings who thus need to begin to further observe and to further research the more ultra dimensional scientific realms of UFO exploration of these events.

To thus share this future and present discovery, that is very important research, that comprises all future higher knowledgeable guidance and the critical questions that are provided and shared by the worldwide UFO research community.

That the UFO research community now also seek to find out and to share their scientific expansion and research about these events and about this phenomena that may relate to our further and future expanded understanding concerning our future and shared expanded knowledge about the meaning and the manifesting of these historical atmospheric and UFO reported events.

Thereof, to seek and to have a higher knowledge of these important events thereof.

This event was most likely manifested by some seriously intelligent life forms who are not Messing Around and who mean serious business on this planet at this time.

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UFO Ankara, Turkey

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