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Wed Dec 26, 2012 23:01

William Mount
Thu Aug 2, 2012 09:13

The idea of creating an internet "Visual Prayer Network" has been realized right here on APFN.;article=141815

As wrongs are exposed we all get a chance to focus our attention on these subjects and pray and visualize that the current situation is resolved in a good manner - one consistent with the Ten Commandments and the Bill of Rights.

For many of us - whether reading an article on the internet, listening to a story on the news, or reading a Magazine - one must be be wary of the news source.

This is why we take such enormous steps to confirm the news before putting it out - much of our news is supported by either US Senate and Congressional Reports, United States Code, or DOD documents -- or by personal experiences that are documented - like the cure for cancer and heart disease.

In today's Sorcha Story "Massive Last Warning Crop Circle appears in Washington State" we find a tremendous article - but some of it is written in coded form for the readers to determine.


Here is one example: If you click onto "Grave Warning For Humanity" you get rerouted to an article titled: "Russian Scientists Decode Extraterrestrials' Message - Grave Warning for Humanity." This article states that a Russian Colonel decoded a Washington State Crop Circle states that our internet (Phones, cables, etc) will go down due to a massive Sun Spot 12 September 2012. The website is:

So what does this really mean?

Follow the Money:

The Website "" is run by the following:

Stewart Christ
1012 Van Burien Street
Herndon, Virginia 20170

A Suburb of Washington DC.

Suspicious yet?

Christ Stewart is listen on Linken as:
Principle of BMC Associates - filled with Psychiatrists, resolves conflicts - act as "Mediators."
Owner of Safety Security Systems Unlimited, contractor for Homeland Security
Member, advisory Board, Marketing IntersoftlT & Tike Leap

Stewart Christ runs Intersoft - a computer company that does Data Linking.

Yup - a company that has the ability to shut down the internet 17 September 2012 on purpose.

So one of the hidden messages in Sorcha's article is really telling us that a US Contractor is being paid to shut the net down on 17 September 2012 - this includes all Phone Lines, Cable Lines, TV and Radio Stations - to create a National Emergency AND that if we all focus in Visually on exactly what we are told to focus on by the remaining existing radio stations we will all be Okey Dokey, A OK.

The Shut down will accomplish 2 things:

1) First, the Internet will then be completely rerouted to through the NSA computers.

2) If you do not Obey Lucifer you will die. Just Visually focus on whatever we tell you to.

3) The full plan is that the David Rothchilds (London) is planning a huge Nuclear Event off the coast of Peru in Mid October using a US made weapon to kill as many as people as he can for his master Lucifer and they will blame it on a "Magnetic Anomaly."

The Sun will get worse, and we will turn to GOD or be blasted - this is written in stone - but we do not need the help of the Roman Pope, David Rothschilds or David Rockefellar to speed this process up.

More to follow on this.

By the way - Stewart Christ graduated from a Catholic University in Michigan (Mary Mount College) - you know - Gov Perv Snyder's State, the one killing Pigletts.
We place before the Thrown of the Living GOD Lucifer's attempt to destroy this planet and for his minions immediate judgement for their crimes against the Living God.

Honorable Grace
Dr. William B. Mount
K of M
Cpt (Ret) USA

No spelling errors, let us see how many US Cyber Command creates as we post this.

(American Patriot Friends Network)

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