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David Howard 924
George Galloway and Frank Duggan discuss Lockerbie
Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:46

    • Pan Am 103David Howard 924, Mon Dec 31 15:42
      This is the best and clearest explanation of the bombing and the evidence against Libya that I have seen. I have always had great admiration for Stratfor but I must admit, I just found this year old... more
      • HeathrowDavid Howard 924, Tue Jan 1 08:36
        the news of the break-in itself only became public on the very day of the 9/11 disaster in New York, thus hugely diminishing for the public the potential significance of the break-in.... more
      • Black 9/11: Money, Motive, TechnologyAPFN, Mon Dec 31 16:20
        plausible-deniability.html"> Black 9/11: Money, Motive, Technology, and Plausible Deniability CLICK SOURE: You Better Sit Down for this One Published by AlienScientist November 21, 2012 Special... more
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