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William Mount
Tue Jan 8, 2013 06:27

The story you are about to read is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

The story begins way back in the late 1940's. A child was born to a normal family in a large metropolitan area. His name was Charlie.

Charlie had a normal up bringing - a mother and father. The father worked for a utility Company so income was never a problem.

Ever Since Charlie was born he was fascinated with how money works. His childhood games were all about money, and his father taught him all he knew about investing.

When Charlie was old enough he went to the local University and learned all he could about how to grow money.

After graduation he spent a 4 year hitch in the military (Vietnam) and then went to work for a large investment firm. He became licensed in everything he could - Selling Insurance, Stocks and bonds, and Mutual Funds, Annuities - whatever fit a client's needs he had a license to sell them. His clients were very happy with him and he made his boss, and his company, allot of money.

Over the next decade Charlie built up quite a down line, hiring and training many people to sell for him. Charlie was doing quite well himself.

Now for those who do not know how commissions work it was like this in a company I used to work for:

1) Mutual Funds: You get a trailing commission. So if you have a client who invests $100,000 you might make $500/year off of that, your boss also may make another $200 per year. Of course - your client also receives his investment money, which is still averaging out at about 10% per year in the Mutual Funds I sold - or around $10,000 per year.

Investing is very Multi-Level - everyone above you makes a piece of the pie.

2) Life Insurance. If you sell a $10 per month policy you might make around $120 the first year, $60 the second year, and $10 per year there after.

Your boss might make half of that - but you may not get paid for the first year -- it's called "Delayed Compensation".

3) Various products like Car and Life and Health Insurance and Annuities vary tremendously from company to company and from year to year.

So Charlie had a half a dozen folks working for him after a decade and he was really stacking up the Clients.

Charlie never lied, even to this day, so clients naturally came to him in droves.

His Supervisor, the manager of the office, began to realize that if Charlie were fired he would inherit the Loin's Share of the commissions. If he just fired Charlie then Charlie would just take his clients with him to the next company he was working for so his boss had to cook up a scheme to get Charlie out of the Investment World.

Charlie's Boss was part of a Local Satanic (Lucifarian) Cult, you know - human sacrifices and drinking of blood and all, like the Green River Cult( Gary Ridgeway) - which is still active today. Some of those who worked for Charlie (also part of the cult and hired by Charlies Boss and strategically placed under Charlie, to do just this) lied to several clients and then Charlies Boss help them file formal complaints against Charlie.

Charlie had no idea what was going on.

About a month later, after the charges had been filed (thanks to the help of these FBI Cult Members) several of these FBI Cult Members walked into Charlie's Office and threw a bunch of Federal Charges at Charlie and flashed their badges. They gave Charlie a choice: Get out of the investment world or go to jail.

Now Charlie was not in the Infantry and did not have the temperament to throw these FBI Ratfinks out of his window with Prejudice - he just packed his bags and got out.

The Cult members who lied still work there today.

The fine raised against Charlie just so happened to match exactly what he had in his mutual funds and stocks - GEE, how did that happen.

Charlie had no idea the plan these Human Sacrificing Satanic Cult members were cooking up - all of it being illegal of course.

If your investments (Stocks, bonds, Mutual Funds) get large enough the FBI will steal them. Period. This is who they are.

Much of what happened to Charlie also happened to me - and when I approached the FBI, SEC, etc they just laughed at me. Unfortunately these cowards hide behind locked doors and a few judges to do their dirty work, like the dirty little coward they really are. When they do come out of their holes and Hide Outs they come in force.

Who cares what titles you hold or if your are a veteran - they just lie, cheat and steal - this is Homeland Security.

This is the state of America today.

Doubt me - ask Gerald Celente.

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who was and is and is to come, says: We have hidden our heads in the sand for too long, many of us relying on Corporations (Churches) to do our work for us. We havenot obeyed the precepts in GOD's laws, even within our own families. It is time for a humbling.
For you Intel Geeks:

This humbling means you, you blithering idiots.

Did you think you could escape this Humbling because you have a badge or a title?

Remember - Homeland Security (And the FBI) are private corporations operating on American Soil and owned by the IMF, which is 54.5% owned by David Rothschilds, who works for the Vatican Bank.

By the way - the Vatican has not complied with European Banking Laws (Latern Treaty) and therefor they can only accept cash at the moment. Their Credit Card Machines and Check Verification Machines have been turned off.

What's the matter Vatican Bank - having a few problems?

Wait until the Living GOD gets done with your bank. These problems will seem small in comparison to what is coming, so says the I Am That I Am.

One last thing - look at the new Hillary, how young she appears. Yeah - a new Hillary -- Double number 3.
Please Pray that that Homeland Security is disbanded ASAP.

Visualize the department disbanded due to lack of funds.

You heard it First on APFN.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russian
Cpt (Ret) USA

I will now ask the King of Kings and Lord of Lords to judge between the owners of the IMF and myself, and those FBI agents who stole money from me directly, on the fate of the money they stole from me. Either they will return all of it ASAP 7 times pressed down and over flowing or face the living GOD themselves.

I now place before the Thrown of the Living GOD (For life and death) those who did not come to my aid both in the Russian and US governments after we stopped the Russians form purchasing the Counterfeit Bonds the FBI printed up in 2007 in Foster City, California.

We do this before the world so they can see YOUR MIGHTY HAND at work today.

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