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willpwilson 908
Sun Jan 13, 2013 18:27

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I covered the militia bill Arizona passed last year that was correctly vetoed by Gov. Jan Brewer in another column. It wasn't a good bill; hopefully, a new one will be forthcoming in that state. I wrote a column about what we are doing here in Texas. The working paper I wrote and all exhibits were given to certain members of our state legislature here to reconstitute the constitutional militia. Once committee assignments have been finished, we intend to go after the members on the Homeland Security Committee to push to get a bill written so we can put the heat on Gov. Perry to sign it into law.

What do you think would happen if tens of thousands of gun owners planned rallies at their state capitols with the message: Reconstitute the militia? I mean serious rallies. In Texas (as with Nevada, Montana and North Dakota) we are hampered by the fact our legislature just opened for business, but will be gone in May and doesn't come back until January 2015. Many legislatures go out of session long before the end of the year. Most will not allow a new bill after December 31st. But, this IS an emergency because the evil doers in Washington and their henchmen are going for blood this time.

Forget petitions to the Red House (formerly known as the White House) and to the gutless cowards in the U.S. Congress who have been selling you down the road on the Second Amendment for decades. Knowledge is no good if not followed by action. If you do nothing, nothing gets done.

Have you had enough of this fight that should never even be an issue? Are you ready for a sensible, cold revolution by getting boots on the ground at your state capitols? Are you ready to really fight for YOUR Second Amendment rights or are you going to sit back and see how successful the NRA is at more compromise? Haven't you sent enough money to all the big gun groups to fight for the Second Amendment and look where we are? Instead of sending the NRA more donations, buy the CD below and really learn, as I have, the only solution instead of more Band Aids because the gun grabbers are not going away.

Sad to say, since Dr. Vieira has been relentless on this issue going on eight years, seeing is believing. All I see is more of the same. Oh, and don't forget to send your donation for someone else to fight for your Second Amendment rights! Send it today!

Dr. Vieira has put out his latest scholarly book on CD for those who want to learn what I have about the real meaning of the Second Amendment and the solution:

The Sword and Sovereignty - The Constitutional Principles of "The Militia of the Several States". As with his other books, this one should be a best seller across this country. Even though I am well versed on this subject, I read a portion of the book everyday over lunch and will do so until I finish. It's another piece of amazing work.

You cannot solve a problem until you know how it started and where things went wrong. It takes time to read Sword and Sovereignty. It took Edwin YEARS to write it so that all of us will have the facts and tools to implement the solution. Instead of sending more donations to "fight for the Second Amendment", purchase an incredible teaching tool so we can all fight together effectively:

"The Sword and Sovereignty: The Constitutional Principles of "the Militia of the several States" is a comprehensive study-2,304 pages in length, with 6,544 footnotes and endnotes-of the constitutional and statutory history of America's Militia, which gives special emphasis to the unique and indispensable rôle of the Militia as the institutions through which WE THE PEOPLE themselves ultimately provide, or withhold, "the consent of the governed" upon which this country's form of government depends for its legitimacy. The Sword and Sovereignty derives the basic legal and practical principles of the Militia from a detailed study of the pre-constitutional Militia statutes of Rhode Island and Virginia (selected, for reasons the book makes clear, as exemplars of what happened throughout America in that era). It explains how these principles are embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and how they should be applied in the operation of America's true "federal" system of government-indeed, why it is Congress's and every State's duty to see to the organization of, and every American's personal duty to participate in, the Militia, more imperatively now than ever before. It exposes the dangerous fallacy in the contemporary "individual-rights" misinterpretation of the Second Amendment, and explains how the Supreme Court's Heller decision reduced Americans' "right * * * to keep and bear Arms" to a level far below what their forebears enjoyed when the Constitution and Bill of Rights were ratified. And it examines ways in which revitalized "Militia of the several States" could, should, and if they were properly revitalized would deal with many of the most pressing contemporary problems this country faces-such as the correction of rogue public officials; the supervision of the "the military-industrial complex"; the conduct of honest elections; the provision of an alternative currency, etc."

There is no need to start a shooting war with the feds. Once something like that starts, it will be ugly beyond what most people realize. Gun Owners join together, plan your rallies at your state capitols. He who shouts the loudest wins. You can use my working paper and exhibits for your state rep and senator. Just print them out. Go to the capitol and start respectfully telling your state representative that it's fine to do what they're doing in Wyoming, but the real solution is a properly written bill to reconstitute the militia which requires citizens be armed.

The other big problem I see are gun owners themselves. Edwin wrote a column about homeland security and our individual responsibility. That doesn't sit well with too many men. I get emails: "I don't have time, Devvy." I guess that's why gun owners send their money to the NRA, but they haven't stopped more and more gun "laws" over the years. If you're too busy to protect your homeland from foreign and domestic enemies, how do you call yourself a patriot? Fair question, I think. Let me repeat: The ONLY thing the power elite in Washington, District of Crimials fear is a bunch of states reconstituting the militia.

Am I just wasting my time again or are you ready to take the lead in your state? Honestly, I'm sick and tired of all the whining about "taking our guns", yet few are working towards the only solution that will get rid of the gun grabbers once and for all.


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