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William Mount
Fri Feb 1, 2013 03:58

While most of you were watching TV Wednesday Israel was busy striking Syria with not one, but two air strikes.

The First was along the Lebanon/Syrian Boarder. The Israeli Defense Force received information that a specially made US Artillery Shell filled with a Nasty Chemical Weapon Cocktail (Vomiting Agent and Nerve Agent) was being trucked into Syria.

The Target was not Syria, but the North Eastern cities of Israel - specifically the town of Shamir - Israel. It would have been fired by an American Made Artillery Piece already hidden in Syria

The Second Air Strike hit the Jamraya Research Facility in the suburbs of Damascus, the Capitol of Syria. It was suspected that this facility was where some of the Biological and Chemical Weapons (Made in USA) that left Iraq (2,000 Semi Truck Loads) were stored - but that is doubtful due to it's size.

The area was a Bio-Weapons research Facility - similar to Plum Island New York or Hamilton Montana Level 4 Research Facility.

It is likely that with such a large US, UK, and French military presence in Syria right now that the Syrians will respond.

In addition, large US troop build-ups around Syria and Iran right now in preparation for a Naval/Air war against Syria and Iran are also likely to inhibit their desire to retaliate against Israel.

It appears that Russia is on board with these wars as well. Russia just signed Joint Military Defense Treaty with Kazakhstan to supply this nation with Air Defense against the evil Syrians and Iranians.

Russia - specifically Pres Putin and PM Medvedev: Is there any part of you must "return your blessings and use them to have peace and prosperity" you do not understand?

Remember - President "Ackmadina Nut Job" of Iran believes that HE is the one to bring about WW3 and the return of the 12th Imam (the great Messiah) that will magically jump out of the well the Profit Mohammed's Brother was thrown down so many years ago.

To this end the Iranian President has tirelessly worked to bring about this Nuclear War, and the US and Russia just seem to follow this insane man into Perdition.
On the Home Front:

President Obama, in following the NAZI Gun Act of 1938, is banning all people in the US with Mental Disability form owning any type of firearm. Thus if you have PTSD your rights will betaken away.

In accordance with the NAZI Gun Control Act he will now rule that if you are not a member of His party (Democrat) you will loose your gun rights. The next step is to take away Veteran's rights to keep and bear arms since they are more than likely to vote Republican.

Divide and Conquer.

You have NO legal recourse to regain your gun rights. It has, as of yesterday, been taken away by executive orders.

Please read:


These were not meant as a Joke, but a warning from GOD to turn to him and he will heal your land.
Pray that GOD brings a quick end to this nightmare we all see unfolding today.

You Heard it First here on APFN.

As in all stories there are no spelling errors above - there is a spell checker. Let us see how many Spelling Errors US Cyber Command inserts before it is published, shall we?

Dr William B. Mount

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