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Con't: G.H.W. Bush and the October Surprise
Fri Feb 1, 2013 15:46

G.H.W. Bush and the October Surprise Posted by M. C. Bruecke

(g) Later, after all of the rest of the party had been picked up by the Iranians, Russbacher, Brenneke, and an Air Force Major who was the third person in the cockpit, were taken by a limousine from the American Embassy to their own hotel.

(h) Russbacher then waited several hours in his Hotel room, listening by remote radio to the negotiations being carried out by Bush and Casey with the Iranians, as they were happening, in another Paris hotel.

(i) The gist of these negotiations (and deal) was that Bush and Casey delivered to the Iranians $40 million in cash (it started out as $62 million, but by the time many of the Americans had dipped their hands into the till, only about $35 million was left to give the Iranians) basically as bribe money, plus the promise of $5 billion in illegal arms sales and spare parts, beginning immediately (actually illegal arms and spare parts worth many times this amount were ultimately sold and delivered by the U.S. to the Iranians over the course of the Iran-Iraq war), in exchange for the Iranians agreement NOT to release the 52 American hostages captured in Tehran on November 4th, 1979, until after the November 4th, 1980, U.S. Presidential elections -- in order to guarantee the humiliation and defeat of then-President Jimmy Carter, and the victory Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

(j) The important point to remember about this flight, and all those who were participating in it, is that the entire exercise was a carefully planned, and well executed CIA covert operation -- which had been ordered and sanctioned at the highest levels of the "Shadow Government" -- specifically for the purpose of taking back control of the federal government from the Democrats , and returning it to the CIA and the "Shadow Government."

In other words, this entire operation was -- and was specifically designed to be -- a treasonous coup d'etat, to take back control of the federal government from Jimmy Carter and the Democrats, just like the earlier Kennedy assassination and coup d'etat had wrested the reigns of power away from the Democratic Administration in 1963.

Note: Indeed, Russbacher insists that if you miss these facts, you will miss the entire point of the "October Surprise."

(k) He says that the 25 to 30 persons on board were even joking among themselves on the flight over to Paris that they were ALL guilty of treason (for what they were about to do), and that, by all rights, they should ALL be executed for what they were involved in.

But, since they were determined to succeed in their treasonous coup d'etat, they would soon control the government, and therefore, would never have to worry about being exposed, investigated, or prosecuted for their treason, since THEY WOULD CONTROL THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, and the power to prosecute, and would thus, once again, have elevated themselves into a position of being ABOVE THE LAW.

(l) The "October Surprise" operation had its inception on October 31st, 1977 (the date of the so-called "Halloween Massacre"), when President Jimmy Carter and his CIA Director, Admiral Stansfield Turner, had tried to "clean house" at the CIA, and had fired a large number of persons -- including many who had spent their lives in highly questionable (if not outright illegal) covert operations.

(m) Now, united under the banner of George Bush and William Casey, these covert operatives (and some of their most influential friends on Capitol Hill) were returning with a vengeance to take back control of the government for the CIA and the "Shadow Government."

(n) snip/paragraph deleted.

(o) This same kind of treasonous "coup d'etat" -- less bloody, but no less effective -- was accomplished by George Bush and his entourage on this "October Surprise" trip to Paris in 1980.

(p) Republican polling data, during the Presidential campaign of 1980, indicated that if Jimmy Carter was successful in gaining the release of the 52 American hostages -- particularly if this release occurred during the critical 2-week period just prior to the November 4th election -- he would gain enough of a positive "bounce" in the polls to ensure his victory in the election and another 4 years in the White House.

Therefore, by making this secret trip to Paris, and by cementing their own clandestine agreement with the Iranians, Bush and his CIA entourage guaranteed the futility of Carter's efforts to gain release of the hostages before the election, while at the same time ensuring the CIA's and "Shadow Government's" return to power, and their continued control of the government for many years into the foreseeable future.

(q). snip/ I deleted this to keep it short.

(r) Indeed, Russbacher says that this plane full of CIA operatives was so arrogant about what they were doing that many of them even wore body mikes so that they could preserve an historical record of their forthcoming "successful" negotiations with the Iranians -- so that the American people could someday be shown precisely how the Republicans had been able to "succeed" in their negotiations with the Iranians to gain. (Obviously, all the references to the under-the-table bribes and illegal weapons transactions would have been excised out of the transcripts before the American people were told what these Republicans (CIA covert operatives) had been able to "achieve"!)

(s) After Russbacher had been on the ground only a few hours, he received a phone call in his Paris hotel room from General Maxwell Taylor, calling from Ramstein Air Force Base in Kaiserslauten, Germany, telling Russbacher that an SR-71 hypersonic CIA spy plane was on its way to Paris, and that Russbacher should report to a nearby French military Air Base, so that he could meet this plane, and fly George Bush back to the United States in it.

(t) Russbacher then got up, dressed, went to the military air field, suited up, and went out to make his customary external inspection of the plane, when he noticed George Bush, already suited up, bending forward (so that someone could zip up his flight suit from behind), standing in front of the SR-71.

Russbacher also noticed Colonel De Marenches, the head of the SDECE, the French CIA, standing nearby with one of his key aides, taking pictures of Mr. Bush being suited up, with the nose of the SR-71 clearly visible in the background of the photo. The plane was a two-seater SR-71, model YF-12-A, serial #1013.

(u) Russbacher and Mr. Bush said very little to each other as they prepared for the flight (although they knew each other well, and had worked together at the CIA on a number of occasions in the past -- both when Mr. Bush had served as Director of Central Intelligence, and earlier, when both had participated in secret covert, "black", and "wet" operations together.

(v) Russbacher completed his exterior inspection of the plane. Both men were then hoisted by a cherry picker into the plane. They connected their suits up to the plane's life support systems, fastened their helmets and harnesses into place, battened down the bubble top, and as soon as Russbacher had completed the pre-flight preparations, and had begun spooling up the engines, taxied out onto the runway, got permission to take off, and, within a very short period of time, were airborne.

(w) This return flight to the United States took off at approximately 2:50 PM, Paris time, on Sunday 19th, 1980. (Bush and Russbacher had been on the ground in Paris for only about 5 hours, total.) The return flight lasted about 1 hour and 45 minutes (104.5 minutes, to be exact), and included a mid-air refueling over the Atlantic by a KC-135 Tanker.

(x) The altitude of this flight varied from about 45,000 to 60,000 feet, and the speed did not go above Mach 3 (approximately 2,100 miles per hour) -- though Russbacher has flown the SR-71 at speeds of 5,000 mph and altitudes of 140,000 feet, and beyond. In other words, this particular SR-71 flight was no more physically stressful on George Bush than if he had flown home in the Concorde -- though if Russbacher had pushed the SR-71 to its maximum, the experience could well have been an excruciating test of physical endurance for Mr. Bush.

(y) Originally, this return flight was set to land at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, but because so many of the world's intelligence agencies operating in Paris had gotten wind of Bush's and Casey's secret shenanigans in Paris, the flight was rerouted, for security reasons, to McQuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, through the Air Traffic Control Centre at Andrews Air Force Base.

The SR-71 finally landed at McQuire Air Force Base in New Jersey at approximately 10:50 AM EST. As soon as it was on the ground, a cherry picker came and hoisted Mr. Bush out of the back seat (because the plane was too hot to touch). Bush was then met by a 4-star Air Force General, and whisked away.

(z) Russbacher then flew the SR-71 from McQuire back to Andrews Air Force Base, where the entire trip had begun for him just under 18 hours earlier. This final leg of the flight took only about 15 minutes or so, and he landed the plane at approximately 11:35 AM EST. Russbacher then left the SR-71 at Andrews, and returned back home to his wife and children in St. Louis via commercial jet.

George Bush, of course, has denied that he was out of the country or anywhere near Paris on the weekend of the "October Surprise." As a matter of fact, he has now offered as many as seven (7) different and highly conflicting explanations as to where he was during this "missing" 18-hour period.

But Russbacher and his people have the "smoking gun" video tape which proves beyond all questions that George Bush was in the back seat of the SR-71, piloted by Russbacher, on the above described return flight from Paris to McQuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, on Sunday, October 19th, 1980.

You should be aware, Attorney General Reno, that whenever anyone is in any of our government's most highly sophisticated and technologically advanced airplanes -- including the B-1 bomber, the B-2 bomber, the Stealth fighter, the SR-71, and others -- a complete video tape is always made of the entire experience, whether it occurs in an actual flight, or merely in the cockpit training session in a simulator, so that pilots can learn from their mistakes, and so that, God forbid, if anything happens that a plane and pilot are lost, those who follow in their footsteps can have the benefit of learning from whatever mistakes were made the first time around, so that hopefully they will not be doomed to repeat the same mistakes again.

So, from the very beginning, it has been automatic policy, whenever anyone is in one of these super-sophisticated planes, either for an actual flight or for training in a simulator, that the entire experience is preserved on video tape, and that video tape is then preserved in the NSA Archives in Fort Meade, Maryland (at least, according to what I have been told).

But apparently, everyone involved in this "October Surprise" scenario had forgotten that this original video tape existed

However, whenever Russbacher is in the SR-71 generally, and on this specific "October Surprise" flight in particular, Russbacher programs his on-board computer so that every six (6) seconds, the planes computer sends a 6-second burst to the nearest Keyhole Satellite of an exact duplicate of the film being made on board the plane and preserved in the film canister, and that exact duplicate is then transmitted from that nearest Keyhole Satellite back down to Fort Meade, Maryland, where it is recorded as an exact duplicate of the original film being made on board the plane -- but with one important addition.

The video tape received by Fort Meade from the Keyhole Satellite contains a satellite signature, which is a series of numbers running across the bottom of the tape which discloses not only the year, the month, and the date of the flight, but also the Keyhole Satellite involved, the plane that the information is coming from, and a series of numbers to indicate the time sequence of the entire flight, in Greenwich Mean Time (a world-wide standardized time known as "ZULU"). This satellite signature is a constant stream of numbers running across the bottom of the film for its entire duration.

... And that is the "smoking gun" video tape which Russbacher will produce for you, Attorney General Reno, before all relevant Courts, before Congress, and ultimately before the American people, to prove the absolute truth of his testimony concerning "October Surprise" and George Bush's knowledge of, and participation in it, and his consequent treason, and the absolute necessity for indicting and prosecuting Bush on that charge (plus numerous others as well).

Other sources that corroborate this information about the October Surprise.

In April 1991, Gary Sick's book, October Surprise: America's Hostages in Iran and the Election of Ronald Reagan, reports by Journalists Robert Perry and David Andelman (1992), Pierre Salinger wrote in his Memoirs, Soviet Intelligence files also confirm the meeting by Casey with Iranians in October 1980, Robert Gates and the elder Bush and American Dynasty by Kevin Phillips pages 280 to 288 (2004)

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research

G.H.W. Bush and the October Surprise Posted by M. C. Bruecke

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