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William Mount
Tue Feb 5, 2013 04:48

President Obama was selected as the Final President of the United States.

By the end of his term you who are left in America will be slaves of the New World Order, as if working 60 - 80 hours a week to support the current Welfare State was not slavery enough?

During his time in office his handlers are to utterly destroy the "united states of America" and spell the Death Nail in our prosperity.

This began way way back. Let us begin to look at it from the beginning.

1) Way back in 1783 the folks here in America kicked the British out of America - except New York. The British left New York after the treaty of 1783 was signed and English Crown then owned the Government Treasuries of France, Ireland, Scotland, America and England.

2) In 1805, supported by Jesuit's from Rome, scandals were created about the English King. The Rothschild's (Vatican Bank Money Managers) agreed to end these scandals if they became the money managers for the English crown. Thus is 1805 the entire wealth of the Vatican and North America, France and England and Ireland was now controlled by the Rothschild's.

3) Napoleon was defeated in 1813 but the English freed Napoleon in 1815 and lent France huge amounts of money to support his new army. He was defeated by the combined armies of Russia, Austria and England at Waterloo, but not before the Rothschild's put France in permanent debt.

4) The American Civil War was came out of a crisis where the Rothschild's Banking System bribed Northern Congressman to raise taxes on Southern Agricultural Crops to build railroads and roads to support the Northern Industries - owned by the Rothschild's Family Members. After 20 years of this the South pulled out of the Union and the US had a Civil War.

If we had killed about 200 members of the Rothschild's Banking Family we would not have lost 600,000 Americans in that war.

6) Shortly after the end of the Civil War the US Administration made the US a Corporation and sold it to the Rothschild's to pay off the debt of the Civil War. This is why many states have 2 Constitutions - one was for a free state, the other was created as a Corporate State.

7) At this time ALL States, counties, cites, elementary school districts, municipalities, .... became Corporations. As US Government Grants grow to support these corporations the US becomes more and more a Nazheonal Zozhaleest (NAZI) state.

And what do NAZI's do?

8) Wars since then have been to both consolidate power under the Rothschild's Banking System and to manipulate governments to do their dirty work.

9) The creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 was done to drain America's Wealth. The Rothschild's just printed up dollars and bought everything they could - in America, England, Russia....

10) We all know about the world wars -

a) WW1 was to destroy the foreign Royalty because Parliaments are easy to bribe.

b) WW2 was about the total destruction of Europe and rebuilding it with Rothschild's Money. To this end the Bretton Woods agreement was signed into being 14 July 1944, USC 2, Sec 286. This was designed to make America Supreme around the world. All VRIL craft from NAZI Germany were moved to NAZI America and the advancements since 1945 have been incredible. Even a joint landing on MARS by US/Russian Astronauts in 1962 can be found on You Tube.

11) The CIA was created shortly after WW2 with the mission of both gathering intelligence and killing world leaders that do not support the United States President. For 67 years their Hit Men have been very effective in making the world bow to America.

12) In the early 1970's it was decided by the Rothschilds to move the production of goods and services away from America and to other Nations. The companies that do not go bankrupt will be shut down by some US Government Agency. American's are too dosile to kill US Agency representatives who wish to destroy their companies, instead they would rather die homeless on the streets than defend their rights.

a) First we saw production move to Japan.

b) Then to Mexico

c) Then to Taiwan

d) Then to China

e) India and the Philippines is next

g) Then to Russia, after their current leaders are killed and their nation is conquered. They are too wimpy to stand up like men, so they will roll over Russia and accept Foreign Leadership just like America did in the 1783 after a 9 year war.

13) In order to make the US accept this manipulations, a series of Mind Control procedures ad techniques were developed nad are listed listed in COINTELCOPRO. Many of these Brain Washing Techniques were developed by Adolf Hitler for Jews in concentrations camps were to be done to America to make us Stupid.

a) Food Additives like MSG to shut your brain down.

b) Chemicals were added to tour drinking water to make you stupid, like: More Chlorine, Fluorine, Lithium, and compounds we cannot identify.

c) Sound waves were added to TV and Radio signals to shut you down.

14) Way back in 1972 I believe the Gold Standard was eliminated, so the only way anyone will respect the US dollar is for fear of being killed. to this end the CIA has been VERY effective.

15) Fast forward to President Clinton. As the economy was collapsing around him he ordered the US Dept of Treasury to buy $50 Billion in Stocks and Bonds per year to stabilize the markets. He had a surplus because he added in dollars to his budgets form two to tree years out. Thus the budget for the year 1999 was spending money that was to be collected in the year 2002. It was Complete Accounting Fraud.

By now the US Treasury Dept owns $240 Trillion dollars in stocks and bonds in the New York Stock Exchange alone. The US debt is a complete lie.

16) In the year 2000 (April 15th) Hanz Kovlenback talked about how the Vatican was now planning to destroy America through various steps, which included

a) War with Muslims all over the world.

b) Import 300 Million Aliens from Africa, South America and the Middle East. This many Welfare and Social Security recipients would, through Affirmative action, destroy America. The Jesuits and Catholic Knights of Malta were full in place to do Lucifer's work.

c) Food and water additives to kill Americans.

d) TV and Radio frequencies designed to both Shut us up and kill us were ordered added into every TV and Radio station in America.

17) In comes Pres Bush - who simply did exactly what he was told to do - invade and kill, and to bust up the US as best he could.

18) So what is next?

a) Interest rates are to increase immediately as Inflation will creep at 4% per month beginning in April 2013.

b) With a whopping 52% of all American Homes and Condo's currently in Default Status (US Dept Treasury Stats, see previous APFN story) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Insurance Companies primarily owned by the IMF) now no longer sell most defaulted homes but hold onto them and offer some up for rent. Thus the IMF maintains high home prices across America.

c) More wars, from Africa to Asia the US will now send it's soldiers with orders simply to kill. When they return they will usually be high on an anti-depressant like Prozac (LSD) and angry. Millions will come back with horrible dreams.

d) In addition, the Muslim/Christina wars are planned to start here in America in Late March as well. Bombings, shootings, stabbings, riots - all orchestrated with YOUR tax payer dollars.

e) The Rothschild's are planning for a Huge Naval/Air war against Iran and Syria in late March (29th), along with a killing of Obama to ensure the confiscation of guns.

f) By the end of May the US Dollar should be tanked and in order to destroy what is left of America all Individual Savings Plans will be seized - along with your pistols and rifles and shotguns. In addition the B part of the A/B virus will be released - effecting mostly Brown Eyed Folks. Hundreds of "Sick and Dying" children will fill the TV screens to make you believe this is a horrible virus.

g) The Rothschild's have co-ordinated the opening of ALL 800+ FEMA camps by June and you will receive a vaccination for the US MADE A/B virus or be ushered into a FEMA camp "For the safety of the Children."

h) Dollars for welfare will be increased to Immigrants so as to destroy what is left of America.

i) In June, if these Lucifarian Rothschild's can swing it, they will orchestrate a war between China and Japan/US over Yangsha Island (Scarburough Shoal). Russia will get pulled into the conflict and - Nuclear War.

j) Out of the Ashes will come the New World of around 500 Million Precious Souls under Lucifer, the Invocation of the Great Adjuster (Anti-Christ) will lead the world into the new age of prosperity - we will all serve our Masters happily ever after. Kumbaya crap - Pure, Unadulterated, Hog Wash.

So now you have the plan of the Vatican for the Great Nuclear War, spelled out exactly as they have just written it yesterday you get it today.

If the world leaders terminated the Vatican, the Jesuits, and the Catholic Knights of Malta, and the bankers in of the the Rothschild's Banking System (about 150,000 people) and we avoid a Full Scale Nuclear War.

I know - TMI. That is enough for now.

Read Hanz Kovlenback's Book.
For you Intel Geeks:

See you on the other side. I know where I am going when I die, and I know where YOU are going as well.

NESARA - National Economic Security and Recovery Act - we shall see if they can counter Lucifer and his minions. You now know what is planned.
Please Pray that the Christ returns soon.

You Heard it First, here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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