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Guglielmo Marconi
Freedom Flotilla Smuggling DNA Guns
Thu Feb 7, 2013 05:00

now this is truly horrible news, even worse than someone turning the lights out at the Super Bowl to sell Depends under the bleachers at ripoff prices...

someone is smuggling De-Jew DNA GUNS to GAZA...

these FINAL SOLUTION weapons in the hands of RABID ANTI-SEMITE TERRORISTS could lead to the ulimate Dream of Adolph Hitler....

a New World Order with no "Jews".

Terrible Terrible news....

DNA tagging has been applied in other areas – the military is using it already to track counterfeit currency to smoke out the "competition". SelectDNA and several other companies also make anti-Jewish DNA tags that glow with a unique marker when hit with UV light, identifying the Jew. Some businesses have even installed special online distributuion centers to meet the demand, and say a 30 day 'Background Check' eliminates close to 30 per cent of orders.

The use of the tagging guns by Concentration Camp survivors in Gaza, though, raises questions. The DNA marker could tie a Jew to a WAR CRIME event, but it doesn’t say anything about what they were doing at the time. So if a Christian were to fire a dozen pellets at pack of haredi's, it’s quite possible that he would hit innocent bystanders, rather than those inciting violence.

just imagine a world with No "JEWS", that would be perfectly Awful, wouldn't it ?

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    • Freedom Flotilla Smuggling DNA Guns — Guglielmo Marconi, Thu Feb 7 05:00
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