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William Mount
Sun Feb 17, 2013 15:32

In a recent release the Vatican Leader admits the Pope's Guilt.

In a private negotiation with President Napalitano of Italy it was decided that the Roman Pope will live the remaining years of his life inside the Vatican and therefor out of reach of the Italian Government. He will not be jailed for his crimes.

Church Sources stated: "His continued Presence in the Vatican is necessary, otherwise he might be defenseless."

Thus the Office of the Vatican now admits the:

1) Ongoing kidnapping and Raping an Murdering of children around the world by the Church and the Jesuits.
2) The control of the Financial Systems and the Illegal Seizure of Wealth by the Jesuits and the Rothschild's Banking Systems which are run by the Vatican Bank. Of course - none of this money and property will be returned.
3) The ongoing wars initiated by their False Roman Knights of Malta. Of course - these wars will continue.

So - nothing is really changing except a Pope Double resigns and the Church admits to Murder and theft. SO what else is new?

Since the Pope's Office has sold out the church, the Vatican Bank is now being forced to cooperate or it's leaders will face immediate rest and spend the rest of their lives behind bars. We shall see what occurs.

See Benjamin Fulford's Logs for more on this. He is a good man and trying his best to make things right. Watch your back this week Ben, there is a Murdering Mole in your outfit and he is ready to strike.

Apparently a special Monastery within the Vatican Walls is being rebuilt to house this Rrrrratzinger Double. For an 85 year old frail man this is not a bad way to spend the rest of his life.

Consider the Current Headlines Carefully:

a) Pope Resigns
b) Queen Nears Retirement
c) Banking system ready to fall
d) Orly Taits to have US Supreme Court consider Obama eligibility Tuesday, considering false Social Security Number, False Name, Illegal Alien Status, etc.

Somebody out there is lowering the boom on Planet Earth and Lucifer.

We shall see.
Please pray that those who slander me and all those telling the truth are utterly destroyed immediately.

You heard it first, here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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