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William Mount
Sat Apr 13, 2013 06:18

As most of the readers recall, we have been posting "The Cure For" stories for over a yer now here on APFN.

Today we will look at the personal side of a story.

My wife has a relative we shall call: Sam.

Sm has been very close to my wife now since birth - about 55 years. At age 18 he was married and they have all worked together since about age 12 - so Sam and his wife are very close.

Due to the economy the business was sold and I was able to pull out of the business a small retirement for the workers out of the Bankrupt Business.

Since retirement tow years ago the relatives have been lost.

Sam has gained about 35 pounds and his wife about 100 pounds - sound familiar?

While they were gaining weight I was loosing weight - primarily thanks to the use of Iodine and Immusist and a Vitamin.

Several months ago Sam, my wife and I noticed Sam's Wife "Gloria" slowing down considerably,. She has had Chest Pains, her left side has gone numb several times, and her mind is at a Snail's Pace.

I offered to give them all they needed to get healthy and they seaid NO.

They watched my wife's cancer go away.

They watched her Blood Pressure fall from 195 to 131.

They watched me loose 50+ pounds and my Cholesterol hit 130.

They watched my wife's heart problems vanish, despite the fact she has lost no weight - she loves Chocolate.

They even watched me diagnose, and heal, lots of folks - yet still, they said no.

Yesterday they went to the Doctor and an MRI found a large lump in her stomach and since they are White they cannot get any help from the Feds or State for medical.

Their fate will be to go through the American Medical Standard Operating Procedures. In the end she will suffer horribly and they will owe their entire fortune to Medical Bills and she will die.

for $50 we could heal them. In fact - I have set aside some Iodine and Immusist and some Centrum Silver to heal them - but they will not listen.

All we can do is be there for them.

Sam's Son-in-Law's mother is local and also dying of Cancer - she has begun the Morphine Drip.

We could stop the cancer today is she would use Tumeric on her food - but Sam refuses to tell her and I do not know them.

We could reverse the cancer with Iodine and a vitamin and Immusist immediately - but Sam refuses to tell her AND refuses to use it with his wife.

All we can do is watch as they get destroyed by the American Medical Community.

Yeshua: "A Profit is not welcome in his own home."

It's heart breaking - it tears you up - but this is what we will see unless they listen.
We have another friend who we gave Immusist, Iodine, EDTA and Centrum Silver Vitamins to.

He has had a Heart Attack with a complete quadruple bypass and now has cancer and his wife has horrible Arthritis and is beginning to develop cancer.

The husband is beginning to loose track of thoughts because of his heart medications - he is getting Dementia.

They also suffer horribly from colds, flues, etc.

The bottles of Immusist, Iodine and EDTA sit there above their coffee machine unopened.

They suffer because they are Stubborn and choose to remain Ignorant.

So we will watch them progress downhill in all directions because they choose to get sicker and sicker.

They will give their fortunes to the Modern American Medical Machine that first grinds you up and leaves you destitute and then then kills you.

They remain friends but they are hard to be around because they suffer so and the cures are right there in their kitchen.
We have a friend who used to be very unhealthy.

He had Leaky Gut Syndrome, Diverticulitis, had to have polyps removed every year in his intestines, was bald, cholesterol was through the roof, triglycerides were horribly high - he was a mess.

He began using Immusist and WOW!

He now eats 3 Tablespoons of ground up flax seed every night with 25 drops of Immusist.

He is now as sharp as a tack and runs all over the place.
If there were 3 products I could have for my medicine cabinet they would be:

1) Immusist
2) Iodine
3) Centrum Silver
4) Citricare from Vim and Vigor
5) Bifa 15 Probiotics form Eden Foods.

With those products you could weather just about anything, the top 3 being the most important.

Can you rally afford to be sick and pay a doctor YOUR money?
Sorry about my phone message machine being clogged. I get allot of calls.
Please pray that these "CURE" stories go Viral.

You heard it first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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