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William Mount
Mon Apr 15, 2013 04:38

Let us reconsider all we have learned here on AFN and examine hte Theory of Everything - or, the god particle.

Let us suppose:

1) People like Bob Frizzle, Richard Hoagland and the like are correct. There are 10 dimensions and 12 "Levels"or "Steps" or "Harmonics" between each dimension. We are currently in the Third Dimension, step 1.

2) The Demons (Archons) are from the 4th Dimension. 1st Harmonic.

3) Suppose that the UN is correct and we can use our Pineal Gland to focus into these Dimensions and draw into this Dimension these Archons through a "Rainbow Bridge" - where your soul does Astral Travel as it leaves your body and Demons then inhabit your body while you are gone.

4) Your only connection to your body while Astral Traveling is your "Silver Cord." When you "Click You Heels" and say "I Want To GO Home" you can return to your body - unless, like Shirley McClain, your body is full of too many Demons.

5) Suppose you were the Archon Race in the 4th Dimension and you were confined to a certain area, unable to grow due to pressures by some Galactic Council. You would look to expand and feed somewhere else - but you were too evil to go up a dimension -- so you go down into the 3rd Dimension.

6) You need to expand and feed you ever growing population. Instead of eating plants and grain and meat you feed off of a type of food given off by 3rd Dimensional Creatures - you are - more or less - a Psychic Vampire.

7) You would then come into this Dimension and create a Galaxy where you could implant life from other Galaxies, modify this life, and create creatures you could nurture and feed off of.

8) These signals are projected form Humans in the 4th Dimesion - the Radionics Field. Here the speed of light does not apply but communication is instantaneous.

8) Then you would have these live creatures war against each other to create such negative emotions that you would become fat and happy.

Follow this so far?

9) The Masons believe that Sophia came to the third Dimension to create her little "Happy Slaves" and that her son Ialdaboath (Lucifer, Sanat Kumara) created such havoc that she went back to her 4th Dimension and will return with Christos and make all things right.

10) We can see evidence of Sophia by the fact that many Roman Catholic Churches are built on top of churches to Sophia. These area appear to be some type of energy vortex where 4th Dimensional Creatures can come here to Earth.

So how did they actually create a sun and a Galaxy?

Please go to the article: "The Pineal Gland. Is it the seat of the soul?"
From:, by Gary Vey.

We can see that the center of the Milky Way Galaxy emanates large amounts of Radio Waves. We read that the frequency is around 150Mhz.

There are also Radionics that emanate form the Galactic Center as well, but our instrumentation is flawed and cannot read this.

Watch the 2 videos in the article;
A) Pistol Shrimp
B) Solar Luminescence- Is This Nuclear Fusion

a) In the first video we see a Pistol Shrimp firing a blast of energy form it's claws and knocking out another smaller shrimp to eat. In the "Blast" a small very hot bubble of formed and sent towards the prey - stunning it long enough for the Pistol Shrimp to eat it.

When the Pistol Shrimp snaps it's claws a Tiny SUN is formed.

b) In the second video a man actually creates a tiny little sun by passing radio waves through water. A tiny bubble of air is compressed and a tine sun is actually created.

In other words - a tiny Galaxy is formed in a Beaker - a Test Tube of sorts.

Thus we can see a tiny galaxy forming.
Now suppose the 4th Dimemsion has an enormous amount of energy and if you could create some type of Worm Hole (Rainbow Bridge) to to channel some of this energy into the Third Dimension you could harness enormous amounts of energy to make Air Bubble form Suns and thus Galaxies.

IE - We are 4th Dimensional Creatures trapped in this 3rd Dimension by radio waves eminating from the center of this Galaxy, slaves to these Archons.

We live on a Prison Planet.

This is why Science is now calling this 3rd Dimension a Holographic Image.

Remember - these "Scientists" are "Light Workers" - inhabited by Demons. They are not stupid, but are only allowed to reveal some truth scattered with lies to confuse us.

So the goal of these Archons is to: Use their vast energy in this 3rd Dimension to create Galaxies and creatures they can feed off of, to inhabit this 3rd Dimension in mass, and to have these trapped souls make war and destroy so as to create such strong emotions that they can feed off of.

They build planets, inhabit the planets, and then create pain and by doing so feed.

We Humans trapped in this Dimension are mere Cattle to be fed off of.

12) Now suppose there are 5th Dimensional Creatures that are from the "Celestial Council" that are what we call "Angels" - the very ones the UN broadcasts say we must fight. These "Angels" are so uncaring and ignorant that they occasionally come and push the Archons around and then return to their Dimension.

13) Suppose though that that the Christos and Sophia do return to make thing right?

14) Will it be in time to save Planet Earth or will the Earth be destroyed and a New Earth be created just for Man Kind?

15) Is Jerusalem contain under her feet a huge Portal or Worm Hole - directly to the 4th Dimension - ready to be opened?

16) Is the Jesuit plan (Zionism) to install a Temple to Lucifer in Jerusalem in the year 2032 really a way to access another Worm Hole (A Vortex) to draw in more Archons (Demons) onto Planet Earth?

The above would explain an awful lot,would it not?
For you Intel Geeks:

1) The above article is exactly what the United Nation is preaching in their broadcasts and exactly what the leaders of the United Nations an the United States Corporation believe.

2) The World of an Ambassador (Acting President) is very different that the average person.

3) Yes - thanks tot US Corporate Forces I am currently broke - but this does not change the fact that things at this level are much different. For example - if someone comes after me they are usually found dead very soon. "God" protects me.

4) One last Suppose: Suppose there was one man tied into a vastly superior race that sent him information that always occurred. When this person states that there will bean Earthquake, flood, nuclear blast - that not only can he crawl into the minds of these Archons and determine their evil plans before they hatch the Vastly Superior Race can also modify these intergalactic radio waves in such a way that the sun will burst forth with more irregularity causing floods, quakes weather changes, etc.?

5) This Advanced Race would be so far advanced from the Archons as to Dwarf their abilities and perhaps be called "Gods?"

6) Now that the United States Corporation has violated the Greata Treaties Jurisprudence must be restored, as well as my wealth (7 Times Pressed Down and Overflowing) or the Demons (Archons) inhabiting the ruling class here on Planet Earth will find themselves in a Very Bad Way: So says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to Come. So HE has said it - so it shall be - and it will occur immediately.

7) As a sign from above, expect allot more UFOs, Earthquakes, and Bad weather as the sun goes even more nuts - so says the Creator of this Universe: Who was and is and is to come.
Please Pray that your minds are opened up to see the truth.

You Heard It First here on APFN.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta - Russian, a real one.
Cpt (Retires) US Army

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