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willpwilson 908
Dr. Richard Benson lead JPL Scientist Found 66 dimensions.
Tue Apr 16, 2013 04:56

Dr. Richard Benson. The remarkable and highly noted lead scientist for the Jet Propulsion Lab, the JPL, using his research in Arahamaic Ancient Mathematics had found that there are more then 66 dimensions.

He died mysteriously in 1991 shortly before he was to publish his books on his discovery of how all of these dimensions tie into Zero point physics and how we as a people could travel throughout all of the galaxies in a moment.

Dr. Richard Benson was known by Richard Hoagland and many of the highest of the scientific community worldwide.

He was known to most people as being Dick Benson, married to the same wife that he had married in World War 2 being a highly decorated bomber pilot.

Dick Benson's books are now mostly either classified and or destroyed and there are very few left.

Ray Stoner worked with Dick Benson researching the phenomena of ancient records and to the their links to the other dimensional realms and by also researching the earthly historical records left on this planet from ancient times.

For example the Mima Mound Prairie, Washington State, is actually a gigantic terrestrial transmitting system that was built by the Dogons from the Dogon Constellation and that they still have a massive deep underground base under the Cascade Mountains. Ken Arnold actually encountered one of their fleets traversing the Cascades in 1947. They are still here by the way and watching us.

Ray Stoner author of the book New Realities, a book written to show that the Coral Castle was built by Leeds Skalnin to decipher the reverse of the galactic gravitational astronomy in the light thereof light gravitational Zero point of this planetary matrix.

That the means for understanding the mapping of the Zero point of where you are as is deciphered in reverse of the gravitational place of existence, the Zero point. Universal Holographic Astronomy that also gives the decipher of the puzzle the means to also know how to calculate time travel and inter dimensional egress and ingress physically and or inter (light and time density transcension) understood as being physical transcendent (vast) spectrum energetics.

There are infinite ways to explain and or describe this inter dimensional perspective and also in other infinite ways and or means to communicate this understanding and or knowledge as well.

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    • Dr. Richard Benson lead JPL Scientist Found 66 dimensions. — willpwilson 908, Tue Apr 16 04:56
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