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willpwilson 908
Michigan Schools Shutting Down & DHS's New 3.4 Billion HDQTR
Tue May 14, 2013 04:00

The Michigan School Districts are shutting down due to lack of funding while Dept of Homeland Security is breaking ground for a new $3.4 Billion Dollar Homeland Security (Gestapo) Headquarters. Posted from news: Michigan District Fires All Teachers, Closes Every School -

When are we who are a truly peaceful spiritually enlightenment worldwide concerned community going to Visually Pray to SEE these galactic Inter-dimensional parasites Visually Prayed Out of Existence and out of this Dimension? We can also Visually Pray to see all Nuclear Contamination being removed from this world if we get our act together soon enough to do so.
Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Brother Nathanael -

Ground broken on $3.4 billion Homeland Security complex - Posted from:
At approximately 8:30 pm (West Coast Time), May 13, 2013 several observers who live on the North end of Whidbey Island (in Washington State) observed at the time of the setting sun two very large silver elongated UFOs traveling along the horizon just below the cloud cover. Going in and out of the clouds.

As they were watching, the Whidbey Island Naval Air base dispatched an extremely high speed fighter aircraft into the area of the observed UFOs.

The entire event lasted until the sun set which was around twelve minutes.
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How to stop the FBI from reading your email
Officials can read messages older than 6 months without a warrant

By Jonnelle Marte -

Emails are not private. A message may have one sender and one recipient but it can, with little effort, be read by a third party. In fact, despite the Fourth Amendmentís protections against unlawful searches, federal agencies do not necessarily need a warrant to read emails older than six months.
'Einstein's Planet': New Alien World Revealed by Relativity - By Clara Moskowitz

Nibiru 2013 -

comet ison -

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    • Michigan Schools Shutting Down & DHS's New 3.4 Billion HDQTR — willpwilson 908, Tue May 14 04:00
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