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William Mount
Thu Jun 6, 2013 16:53

Here is one really simple and really big financial reason why the American Economy must be fundamentally changed - or destroyed.

1) Spending per person by municipality:

..a)City of Tacoma: 200,000 People, $3.5 Billion Budget - $17,500/Person/Yr

Tacoma has about 75% of it's population of some form of Govt handout.

..b) State of Washington: 7 Million People, $32 Billion Budget - 4,600/Per/Yr

..c) United States: 305 Million People, $5 Trillion Budget, $16,700/Person/Yr

..d) Total yearly expenditures per person per year: $34,800, including Non-Working Americans and their children.

About 74% of All Americans earn less than $34,000 per year.

Only about 120 Million Americans work.

The above model is unsustainable.

2) Savings in all accounts:

..a) Tacoma: $37 Billion, $135,000/person

Yearly interest at 3%: $1 Billion Per Year, of which Tacoma City gets $0.

..b) Washington State: $211 Billion, or $30,000/Person

Yearly Interest at 3% is $6 Billion Per Year, of which the state sees: $0.

..c) US Federal Savings: $280 Trillion, or Over $1.2 Million/Person/Yr

At 3% that is about $8 Trillion Per Year, of which the US sees: $0.

TOTAL: About $1.4 Million/person - at 3% = $40,000/yr interest alone.
US Debt: $17 Trillion, or around $60,000 per person, or a payment of around - at 3% - $1,800/person/yr

College Loan Debt of All Americans: $1 Trillion Dollars.

So who gets all the money?

Ask President Obama.
I have a letter from the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. In February this black couple were awarded the following Federal Welfare, not including free housing, free health, and dozens of other City, county, and state welfare programs:

Temporary Cash Assistance: $385 went to $478/mo

Basic Food Card - Federal (Not State) went from $331 to $452/mo.

This means that in this one award letter they were awarded $930 Cash, along with Free Rent, Free Medical, Free State Food Coupons, Free Mariner's Tickets, Free Sea Hawk's Tickets, Free Bus Pass, Free Heat, Free Phone and Free 500 Minutes for the phone.

So everything is paid for plus they get %900/mo.

Total Package is about: $3,500 per month.

They do better than a Retired Army Captain.

So please: Why should they give this up and go to work?

They went form $761 to $930/mo - a 22% increase in Welfare payments.

This is a state with a $32 Billion Dollar Budget and an $8 Billion Dollar Short Fall in the budget?

This all while you got a 2% increase in Social Security?

This model is unsustainable and either we make these stories go Viral APFN or the economy will fall horribly Very Soon, so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come.
A Note to the Russian Dumas: Your economy will not recover until your blessings return to Europe, so says the I AM That I AM. Your Blessings may have been given away to force this coming Nuclear War as they have NO plans to move to Europe at the present time.

Wake Up Russian DUMASS.

Please explain what anyone need a Dumas for after a Nuclear War?
Please Pray that Lucifer is destroyed along with his minions immediately.

You Definitely Heard It First, Here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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