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William Mount
Thu Jun 13, 2013 13:38

Earlier today Senator John McCain announced that it is official: Syria has been using Chemical Weapons on it's own people and the US is nwo free to openly kill Syrians.

First the US will officially tell President Assad of Syria to leave Syria and when he says no we will begin bombing Syria.

The bombers are in place, the air bases completed and the US troops in place for the Post Damascus Invasion.

In addition, UN troops are pouring into Omaha Nebraska in preparation for the New FASCIST REGIME, All Hail Obama.

It has begun - and just as GOD stated here on APFN months ago.

We here on APFN did not do our best to stop this coming war.
So now it begins.;read=272852

So now World War 3 begins right on target.

Dr William B. Mount

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