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William Mount
Fri Jun 14, 2013 03:47

The video we put out for APFN readers on "Boost Your Immune System" covers a myriad of subjects, form the cure for cancer to the cure for heart disease.

My wife went to watch the video and the number of hits was 32 when I looked at it and after she 3atched the video it remained at 32.

You Tube lies about how many folks are watching your videos.

The folks who count the number of hits on APFN articles is also downgraded. It is all controlled by those who ave access to the Computer Data Bases - US Army Cyber Command and the CIA.

This is a real war.
For You Intel Geeks:

Obama Care Cost: 15% of your income plus a $3,000-5,000 deductable.

So if you earn $40,000/yr you bring home about $2,000/Mo. Out of that Obama Care will steal $400/mo. Your take home is now $1,600/Mo.

So out of $40,000 your Govt will allow you to live on about $19,000.

Isn't that nice of them.


1) Of the $17 trillion Debt:

a) $11 Trillion is owned by the IMF.
b) $3 Trillion is owned by the 10,000 Elite Bankers.
c) $2 Trillion is owned by others.

2) US treasury owns 40% of the New york and 30% of the American Stock Exchanges and could pay off the debt in 1 minute.

30 It is not about the debt - it is about the destruction of America.

Liberalism at it's finest - Zeig Heil
Quote of the day:

Roman Pope: 24 July 2009: "The Role of the Priest Hood is to consecrate the world so that it may be a living host, the liturgy."

A living Host for what you ask - for Lucifer and his minions. Listen to the UN broadcasts to confirm this.
Folks - America is falling and this means Nuclear War - please pray for GOD's immediate intervention. Tell GOD you no longer give Lucifer and hi minions permission to be here on Earth and ask for help.

You Heard It First, here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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