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COINTELPRO continues today
Sun Jul 7, 2013 23:00

COINTELPRO continues today

This idea by implication falsely attributes primary culpability for abuses to the FBI or law enforcement agencies, who are at least theoretically subject to oversight by the legislative or judicial branches of government.

This idea appears credible on the surface, because law enforcement may in fact participate in targeting activities
It is disinformation because the abuses are more accurately characterized as a modern form of MKULTRA mind control, though incorporating COINTELPRO-like elements or tactics, and as such originate at extremely high levels of state security classification, beyond oversight by or accountability to visible institutions of government or to the citizenry at large.

Human experimentation or "research"

This idea appears credible because medical personnel and technologies are directly implicated

It falls under the category of disinformation because the technologies herein described are weaponized, fully operational in such capacity and are presently deployed and in active use against domestic targets.

Any purported "experimental" uses of the technology are therefore purely incidental or secondary to the operational uses Electromagnetic pollution

Appears credible due to arguably valid health concerns relating to the issue
Disinformation when discussed in present context

Alleged use of unrelated technologies, so as to divert attention from the true issue of MKULTRA neurotechnology:
Satellite surveillance

RFID chips such as PositiveID (formerly VeriChip)

Voice-to-skull ("V2K") audio transmission

Directed-energy weapons

In this exhibit, building on the work of silenced victim/activist Jeremy Radlow, I will focus on the last of the above bullet points. Specifically, we want to take a look at "straw man" disinformation relating to the irrelevant topic of "directed energy weapons." Material on this subject is being widely disseminated via internet sites dedicated to targeted individual issues, so as to divert victims' attention from resources that might lead them to discover the true nature of the technology that is being deployed against them.

In these campaigns, operatives masquerading as victims publish websites and participate on internet discussion forums. In more than one instance, they have solicited monetary donations from actual victims for the claimed purpose of purchasing expensive equipment to figure out what "frequencies" are being "beamed" at them. The primary purpose is not to collect money as such (although depriving targeted individuals of financial resources is certainly a related goal) but rather in this instance to frame the very issue of targeting itself in terms of "directed energy weapons" abuses -- which is a smokescreen.

Directed-energy weapons are a fact of modern military and law-enforcement technology and without a doubt are subject to abuse by authorities. However, spending money on frequency counting equipment is probably not going to help you if what you are actually dealing with is advanced cellular technology in your brain. The solution to brain implants would be removal or disabling of the device. Trying to "block the frequency" as such would probably be an exercise in futility.

For example, modern GSM cellular networks use advanced frequency-hopping algorithms where the frequency of the transmission changes several hundred times per second according to a pre-determined mathematical formula. Whatever type of wireless network is being used to control the brain implants is probably also using some type of extremely advanced frequency hopping and/or spread-spectrum technologies. I suspect that the guys who engineered these systems probably get a big laugh over all the victims on the internet trying to figure out what "frequency" they are being "attacked" by.

The following clippings from the web serve as inline footnotes to the above discussion. I continue with additional comments below.
COINTELPRO continues today

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