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Sat Aug 24, 2013 17:37

I would simply like to call your attention to the following:

1) US Senator Reigel's reports clearly stating the Chemical Weapons the La Farge sold Iraq Before and During the 2nd Gulf War in violation of the US Commerce Act.

2) Hillary was on the Board of Directors of the La Farge company at the time and orchestrated the sale.

3) Two days before the start of the second Iraq War we saw 2,000 fully loaded Semis filled with Chemical and Biological (Nuclear) weapons leave Iraq and go to the Baca Valley in Syria.

4) Captain Joyce Riley's (Power Hour) films clearly showing the Nuclear artillery shells, Chemical and Biological weapons in Iraq sold by the US/UH both before and during the 2nd Gulf War.

5) The Orange Bullets provided by the US to Syrian Terrorists to kill Syrian soldiers - hollow point bullets loaded with Nerve Gas.

I tried to post this on Pravda but my accounts have been hacked again - The Rothchild's (Roman Pope) really want this US/UK vs Syria and Iranian war.

I estimate the US could destroy Iran and Syria in about 10 minutes non-nuclear but will drag this war out to cause pain and suffering beyond belief - it is Lucifer's way and the US leaders are loyal to Lucifer.

Damascus, according to the Illuminati, must be destroyed and the door way to Lucifer's primary temple on Mount Hermon at Tel-Dan (Al Kada) secured by US forces.

BRIC nations - you have the plan. You obviously do not wish GOD's help so - deal with it.

Dr William B. Mount

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