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Addicted to War?
Sun Aug 25, 2013 21:41

Like Sherwin Williams paint, it's easy to cover the Earth with propaganda indicating that the US is nothing but a herd of war lovers. Are you? Am I?
Walk down your street, ask your neighbors, "are you a war lover. Do you want a war every 6 months? Do you want all these lousy Middle Eastern countries set afire? Will you volunteer your son for the Marine Corps?"

What is saddening and disgusting is the notion that many people feel America, the Land of Exceptionalism, can do no wrong. If we invade Country X, they had it coming, they deserved the invasion, the murder, destruction of their infrastructure. After all, they don't embrace democracy....

When is the last time you saw democracy in the US? Are you still confident democracy is here in abundance? Why, I bet young Johnnie's textbooks throughout his K-12 schooling show the US as having democracy and not allowing anything but democracy to reign. Wrong!!

We are now shocked to find that the law of the land will become globalism. We are told that the US will no longer be a bordered country, but a nation that is but another member of the world community, a vassal state, a puppet state, a follower, never a leader again. Why? How did this happen?

We've been visited by the death from a 1000 cuts. Our society and nation have been chipped away by communism since the overthrow of the Russian czar. In fact, Senator Joe McCarthy, the much maligned Senator, ought to be knighted as our patron saint. He saw it coming and was crucified, ridiculed, threatened by the evil blackness of communism.

We have been taken over by commies aka globalists. What is in it for them? Ask yourself why Senator X is so bizarre, so hostile to the notion of democracy and freedom. Simply put, our representatives are insane yet focused on our overthrow. Senators, reps, double citizen stooges, like the pitcher working on a no-hitter, every pitch works on us. We've struck out, now we get to see our demise and destruction. No surprises here, our Founding Fathers saw this coming. Only a stupid citizenry unaware of the potential for such destruction can't and they are the majority.

We were harsh and critical of the Russian purges. The tables have turned, now we need a purge here. The hand picked, unvetted representatives of our government put there by the Unknown President are putting the finishing touches on our nation. Upon looking back, we'll finally admit that Commissar X was, indeed, an insane ideologue willing to destroy this nation.If you voted Democratic, once, twice, give yourself a pat on the back. You were had, but in your defense, the other guy was worthless, too.

It's all over except for the shootings, FEMA incarcerations, population control by 90%, regimented schools that teach the commie line in toto.

Little robots will be graduating from our schools. If you were lucky, you might be one of those allowed to procreate. Until we get our population down, forget about it.

In the meantime, watch the MSM news, they only tell the truth, you know. These willing dupes are under CIA control. Either they lie or they die....has a nice ring to it, huh?

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    • Addicted to War? — mljanket, Sun Aug 25 21:41
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