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willpwilson 908
War Criminal Obama, You Are Now Guilty of Sarin Gas Murder!
Thu Aug 29, 2013 12:59

War Criminal Obama, You Are Now Guilty of Sarin Gas Syrian Mass Murder!
You will be arrested Mr. Obama, not just impeached and judged by our creator as you read this, and the Rothschild Vatican Crime Syndicate will be now erased from this galaxy, the Celestial Council is now intervening, this is their planet not yours.

John Kerry, after shooting yourself in the foot in order to get your coward ass out of Vietnam and to then collect your phony purple heart, you are now judged by our creator John Kerry, you are now judged by our creator, for attempting to destroy the entire human race for the Rothschild's Global Crime Syndicate.
You are now judged Mr. Kerry, and are now judged by the people of this entire planet by your attempting to mass murder all of the people who live upon this living planet.

Russia Drops Bombshell On Obama: “Don’t Even THINK About Military Action In Syria” - August 29th, 2013

John Kerry Lacks Integrity and Credibility - - - - John Kerry War Criminal -

WW3- Russia says don't even think about military action n Syria


Obama War Crimes Sarin Gas Syria -

sarin gas syria -


This is not the verge of a global World War, this is a Galactic War. And, you Parasites John Kerry, John McCain, Barack Soetero Obama, Chuck Hagel, Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio; thereof, the Vatican and you Jesuit Crime Syndicate Pope Francis are now judged by our Creator. - Israel is a War Criminal -

You Galactic Parasites are now under GOD'S judgement. This is GOD's Living Planet, and you are now judged as a Galactic War Criminal Obama, Kerry, McCain, Pope Francis, the Jesuit Vatican Crime Syndicate, Israel, and Chuck Hagel.

This planet belongs to our creator, and not to you. And, you continue to try to see if you can try to destroy this entire living planet and to try to harvest all of God's Living Souls who live upon this living planet, and therewith, your Judgement by our Creator is now fully recognized by our Creator being now placed upon you Mr. Hagel, Mr. Obama, Mr. McCain, Pope Francis, Israel and the Vatican Rothschild Crime Syndicate.

I am merely a messenger being made by my creator to deliver this message of Judgement upon all Galactic War Criminals that reside upon this living planet in this living universe.

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