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Thu Sep 5, 2013 16:54

Why has the news in all networks focused on Syria and nothing else?

Why is all other news pushed aside - like another Roman Catholic Priest found guilty of child rape in the Dominican Republic or states divert foreclosure money to demolish houses?

The lie is different at each level - io here goes:

1) At the Rothchilds's level (Lucifer) he wants Syria and the US to nook like Libya right now - an utterly destroyed nation who's economy has collapsed thanks to US bombing.

2) The Oil Companies want the rich oil deposits found just off shore of Syria - and this is huge.

3) The Bin Laden (George Bush Sr) oil company in Saudi Arabia is desperate for more oil as their wells are running dry do so like thugs they will pay off and kill whoever gets in their way to get these rich oil deposits.

4) President Obama's Direct Handlers wish war - war to make money and kill.

5) The US DOD wants war to because it ensures more money for their military - a perpetuation of the DOD kill machine.

6) At our level we are supposed to believe that President Assad ordered the Chemical Weapons to be used on his own people. Yea - right. He may be evil but he is not stupid.

If this war kicks off within the next month it will last decades and as the hate between the Suni and Sheite Muslims erupts.

The idiots in the White House have already decided to launch another set of missiles ant Damascus in 3 days - 3 days. What can you say - they will claim it was an error.

If this does not work they will conduct another False Flag in 6 days - perhaps in America. This White House staff will never stop this garbage - will they. They are so corrupt that it is yet another insider planning yet another hit on Obama 28 Sep 2013 --- an insider, but it will be the LONE GUNMAN scenario again like with JFK.

According to the fellow on Coast To Coast last night this will begin with President Obama being assassinated - more tan likely on the 28th of Sep or 5 Nov hit time frames already set forth here on APFN.

If it does erupt as a bombing war the Russian economy, because Pres Putin did not listen, will take a tumble and the unity between Russia and China will be strained in huge way - the Russian's will no longer be trusted.

Either way - the Japanese may enter the fray because Fukushima is set to kill all inhabitants on the main island in 38 years so they will either die or find a new place to live - it is an Extinction Level Event - "ELE". The idea of dissolving the Uranium and Plutonium with Radionics machines was rejected by the leaders of Japan - Black Dragon Society. They have chosen death, so be it.

The Assad family could be eliminated overnight through the use of our High Tech Weapons already loaded onto the TRB-5s --- but the Rothschilds own the US Corporation are prefer a long protracted war with lots of pain and suffering.

Is there any one on this planet with a badge man enough to follow me to arrest these Bankstas, restore the economy, and stop this blood shed?

President Putin, PM Medvedev, leaders of the Golden and Black Dragon Societies - are there no MEN in your organizations?

Are there no Boogie Men in outer space who are brave enough to help me stop this - or are you all cowards as well?

All those web sites about Agartans, Pleadeains, Serius's, the Galactic Council BS - all lies. No one to help stop this insane war that is about to begin.

So here we are - on the verge of touching off a war that will last decade and destroy much of the Earth?
Please Pray: King of Kings and Lord of Lords: Either give me the power to run this punk coward Lucifer and his minions off our planet immediately or send someone that will.

You heard it first, here on APFN.

One last thing - this thunderstorm ravaging the US Pacific Northwest is Man Made and is a test to see how smart we are -can the US DOD shut down part of our grid with no one even noticing?

So far, so good. The idiots in America will blame this on "Global Warming."

Dr William B. Mount

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