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willpwilson 908
Help From Whom? If THEY are Watching, Visualize Them Helping
Fri Sep 6, 2013 05:04

Help From Whom? If THEY are Watching, Visualize Them Helping Us the Peoples of this Living Planet To Provide Directional Support for This Earthly Matrix Right NOW. They can and most likely will help to steer this Matrix and Give Us the em-Powerment to Think and to Visually Pray to See These Galactic Parasites Removed from the Matrix, to shield this Living Planet from on coming stellar invasion, and balance the Earth Grids.

We are in a rare Galactic Physical Light Energy Gravitational Density that in the Infrared Spectrum can change things in ways that we are not aware of.

They, the Galactic Parasite do not want us to realize this and to begin to work within this high density spectrum, they want our souls, they harvest souls, and they are harvesting at this very moment. They being those that we think are the banksters, the Rothschilds, the Vatican (Reptilians) and the parasites that have made their way into infiltrating our human beehive called the government.

While we the people of this world have no idea that these Galactic (Inter-dimensional-Time-Traveling) Pirate Operation Parasites and Soul Harvesting Reptilian-Satanist-Luciferians have an agenda, to harvest souls, our souls.

This Living Planet is merely a living flower of this Galaxy, and the (density) life forms are the fragrance of creation that these Galactic Parasites are currently trying to steal and harvest all of the life force of this planet before a Galactic (Ison) event occurs.

They are Galactic Life Force Thieves.

Because the only thing that they can not create is life, and a living Universe. What else do you expect from these parasites that are prancing around acting like they are in control until we the people of this living planet that was created by our Creator GOD, Begin to Use Combined Visual Prayer to SEE THEM Disappear off of this Living Planet.

If we the People of this Living Planet Do Begin to Visually Pray to SEE them (These Galactic Rothschild-Vatican-Holy-SEE - Now Do You SEE) Disappearing Off of this Living Earthly Matrix. Why do you think that the Reptilian Jesuits call it the (un) Holy SEE.

Then we the people of the Living Planet will someday partake in GODS plan to be fellow architects in the creation of all future living Universes and Planetary Galactic Systems comprised of Living Beings on Living Planets.

apfn Visual Prayer -

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