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Mon Sep 9, 2013 16:30

Yup - Dumb Dumb Kerry was let out of his box and managed to not only stop the war with Syria but double cross the US Arms Dealers, the Rockefellars, and the Rothchilds all in one fell swoop.

Yesterday at the G-20 meeting Putin asked Kerry what it would take for the US not to attack Syria - what is your "Red Line.

Kerry responded: Have UN Arms Inspectors take charge of all the Syrian Chemical Weapons.

Putin winked at Kerry, Called President Assad of Syria, and walked back into the room and said: OK, Syria has agreed to all of your terms to stop the war.

Dumb Dumb Kerry got the Dumbest look on his face any one has ever seen.

As you recall - these Chemical weapons came form Iraq and all say: Made In The USA or England.

So according to the US Secretary of State the war with Syria is off - for now.

DO NOT discount how evil the Rothschilds and the Roman Pope are. Evil is Evil.

Those 32 Nukes transferred from Byes Air Force Base to Charleston South Carolina (2 Missing) are a real threat to world stability.

The Rothschilds are under orders to start this Full Scale Nuclear War at all costs - they are Desperate. Desperate Men do Desperate things - including nuking themselves.

Please consider carefully the Kamakazi Pilots of WW2.

The Roman Knight's of Malta and Jesuits need to go away very quickly and then the BEAST will be dead.

As for the PM of Israel - BB Netenyaho is fit to be tied, so tie him up and put him in a cell Israeli Defense Force. Put him out for about 2 weeks and see what happens.

The Saudi Family is also in a panic - they will to gain the Syrian Oil Wells and theirs are about to run dry, and their people have learned just how morally bankrupt they are - spending Saudi Arabian Money on drugs and prostitutes galore. They are also Desperate to maintain this life style and President Obama gave them 50 Nukes - the Idiot.

So for now President Obama has called the war off.

The 12th Anniversayry of 9/11 is in 2 days.

I am also getting nukes planned for use in the US 28 Sep by Faction 2 - but live in an area not conducive to give you more at this time.

One last note: Get Obama in a safe place out of DC on 28 Sep (+- 3 Days) and shut him up.

Please pray that the US Faction 2 is busted immediately and Lucifer's Forces are made inoperable.

You Heard it First, here on APFN.

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