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Mon Sep 9, 2013 16:57

As many of you know, for almost 7 years I have been working to stop this so called World War 3.

I have been allowed to expose countless plans by the US/UK DODs to start this Nuclear War and kill all surface dwellers.

To this end I have lost everything I have owned - thank you FBI ---- and yet I have gained everything.

I have been shot, stabbed 4 times, poisoned 3 times, and had all I owned stolen from me - yet I continue.

Despite all of this I have fought relentlessly to both stop Nuclear False Flags around the world and stop various political figures from being assassinated - Bush, Obama, Perry, Putin, Medvedev, etc.

So far so good on that arena.

I have also exposed a $750 million dollar counterfeiting operation by the FBI in Foster City, California, to bankrupt the Russian Orthodox Church and piss Pres Putin off to the point where Nukes would fly.

In all of this: the FBI has hand cuffed me by using the local cops, the Secret Service, and the US Marshals have not only threatened me but at different times come unglued and yelled at me in public for stopping all of this nonsense.

All who have touched me in a negative way are usually killed and those who bless me are always blessed.

In all of this I have refused to lie and have tried to follow GOD to the best of my ability - although that has been hard.

In addition, I have published the cures for every disease I can think of -- from Cancer to HIV.

There is a higher law and this we must either choose to follow or give in to Lucifer's pleasures that last only a life time.

This seven year journey is coming to a close and another journey lurks around the corner.

I would personally like to thank the following folks for helping me stop this madness: Pres Putin, Will Wilson, Kieth Ljunghammer, Pat and Mike Schupe, Don Grahams and a host of other (Like some really good FBI folks) who have worked behind the scenes to help stop this war.

A special thanks to Patch Adams who never told me I was crazy and stood by me morally in thick and thin. Without him I would have broken long ago. He is now opening 2 Non-Profit hospitals with money donated to the Gasuntheit Clinic by folks who read APFN.

A special thanks also to Ken Vardon and the APFN staff - words cannot express my thanks to you and your writers for helping stop so many Americans from dying, so many of MY soldiers being killed on the shores of Iran, Syrian and Russia.

If I died tomorrow - at least I made a difference.

Please pray that the Living GOD leads me down a path that is straight and narrow and one that HE wishes me to go down, not the one I wish to travel.
Seven years ago I came to a fork in the road and asked GOD which path HE wished me to go down.

The first was paved with Gold, high praise from men, and good health.

The Second was an easy path and was one I really wished to go down - all my life had led me to desire going down this path.

The third path one that I saw was rocky and filled with deserts, jungles and large Barren areas and with the ridicule of men with BIG badges - although I never imagined how bad it really would be.

I asked GOD where He would lead me - HE chose the third path for me.

As for me and my house I will follow the Living GOD.

I have now come to yet another fork in the road - with 3 choices similar to the three given above. The path I have again chosen is the one HE will lead me down. How easy or hard this path will be - I am not told at this point, but there is only one choice - follow GOD.

Let us pray that this Insane Desire for war by Lucifer is tamed immediately.

You Heard it First Here on APFN.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Bishop - Russian Orthodox Church, St Petersburg
Ambassador to Ukraine
Russian Knight of Malta
US Army Captain, US Army Reserves, Retired

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