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Jeff Rense & Deborah Tavares - Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
Thu Sep 26, 2013 07:03

Jeff Rense & Deborah Tavares -
Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Document - Full Read

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has a program called “Education for All” that includes the same people and same ideas as Common Core. The Global Fund for Education was formulated by the UN, “agreed to” by Barack Obama, funded by Bill Gates, and Common Core was imposed on the American people through Department of Education (DOE) funding schemes

Saussy became a figurehead for radical anti-tax and anti-government activists across the country after he published The Miracle on Main Street in 1980. The book advised protesters on tactics for challenging and circumventing America's taxation and monetary systems. Saussy followed his own advice, and in 1985 he was convicted of willful failure to file tax returns. The trial judge, after hearing out Saussy's theories, said to him: "You're so intelligent it hurts you."

Saving yourself and America from financial ruin. Just as all the truths of God's reality are basically simple, once we let ourselves discover them, so THE MIRIACLE ON MAIN STREET reveals the beautiful but simple truth of how the individual in America today can restore freedom. The book is free from hatred, hostility, or revenge. It's the positive, loving nature of its answers that gives it its great power. Its course of action is fun! "Read it and try its recommendations. You'll like yourself more for doing so. And your children and grandchildren will love you for it!" - Bob Crane

About the Author
Frederick Tupper Saussy's forebears emigrated from France to Savannah, Georgia, in the early 19th century "not because of any 'American Dream'," he explains, "but because the people of the United States had just created the world's finest Constitution. The French know quality." The first Eldest son in four generations not to become a professional lawyer, Saussy has taught school, dealt in gold and silver, won three Grammy nominations for his achievements as a pop composer and producer, owned restaurants, acted on the stage, and written and arranged the music for Anita Bryant's Orange Juice network TV commercials. Living with his wife and children on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, overlooking Davy Crockett's stomping grounds, Saussy reads the law and nears completion of his next book.

The Neon Philharmonic -
The Moth Confesses - 1969 - Full Album
A week before a concert celebrating the release of his newest CD (and first album in 38 years), Tupper Saussy unexpectedly left us. THE CHOCOLATE ORCHID PIANO BAR captures the man in all his voices-- romantic, anguished, mocking, wistful. An intimate portrait of an unrepeatable individual, THE CHOCOLATE ORCHID features Tupper alone at the piano, singing original compositions dating from the 1960s to 2007. The subtleties of his art emerge from the elegant, minimalist format of the solo recital no less than they did in the rich orchestration of his 1960s albums. (Those pathbreaking recordings have been reissued by Rhino Handmade under the apt title "Brilliant Colors.")

A man of many careers, Tupper died while hard at work on several new projects. If the modern-day Book of Life is a digital one, Tupper departed this world as he lived in it, making his mark. His friends, family and musical partners hail the newest Tupper while bidding a loving farewell to the old one. May his voice ever continue to move and amuse us.

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