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Mon Sep 30, 2013 19:58

Many of us involved in the Alternate Media who reveal all sorts of illegal activity from the US Corporate government find ourselves continually harassed by someone either in Allied Signal Group, US Army Cyber Command, or any host of other agencies owned by the IMF.

Years ago I was shown how my cell phone can be used to kill me by admitting certain frequencies which can effect the brain, heart, etc at any time of the day or night.

Of course - this may be just harassment as the CIA also showed me that they can turn your car off on the freeway at 65 MPH, make it do a left hand turn, slam on the brakes, or any host of other maneuvers that would generally lead you to a very bitter end.

Within the last few days I have noticed my heart skipping uncontrollably and this leads to dizziness and allot of general pain.

Last night I took the cell phone battery out of the phone and the heart skipping stopped immediately.

As the US Corporate Government has now used SAT teams over 50,000 times in America in the last 12 months - up from 5,000/yr before Obama (Zeig Heil) one can suppose that is some agency wished you dead they could just call in a special weapons team (SWAT) and kill.

Why kill you when they can get their jollies out of causing you pain, right?

Sounds an awful similar to complaints I have heard from Dr Will P Wilson (All Day Live TV Show) and Pat Schupe (Call 4 Investigation TV Show) both on Channel 77, Seattle.

So you can suppose that if you are being harassed by the US Corporate Government you must be doing something right.

Remember - these are the guys who have just been found guilty of running a Child Porn service in DC - see last night's story.

The FBI is not just catching Child Porn freaks but it is actually providing Children to Government Sex Fiends in DC?

The Government of the people, by the people, and for the people providing little 10 year old girls and boys for those on Capitol Hill?

The morals of this nation are bankrupt, as is the US Treasury Department - which is now experiences the throws of not following their own corporate regulations. They were told.
------------------------------------------------------------------------For For You Intel Geeks:

Did you think GOD was kidding when HE stated that the world is watching the Treasury Forms 211 I filed and if these folks did not follow their own regulations with me he would tear them a new rear end?

Does your agents in the US Treasury Department also have Octal Rectalitis with a Cranial Inversion so bad they have to polish their bellies just to see straight?

Sixty One attempts at Operation Bite in 7 years and GOD has been right about Operation Bite each time - kill the Pres, nuke a city, attack Syria and Iran.

Was that Plot the DC NCIS announced a few days ago not real enough, the one I announced 3 months ago here on APFN and on PRAVDA?

Was the Nuke the DC NCIS announced finding In DC ready to go off not real enough for you?

Were the 32 nukes that were unsigned for that were moved to Charleston Naval Base a few days ago as announced by a US Senator not real enough for you? (This is all over the BRIC Nation's Press.)

Then why the heck did you think GOD was lying about what HE was about to do to the US Treasury Department if they did not do as GOD asked?

Time is up Treasury Department, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come. Each day you delay following your own rules and regulations as you were directed it will get worse and worse for you. GOD does not lie.

By the way US Treasury Department - that nuke would have ruined your day if it had gone off. It was powerful enough to flatten the White House and not one thank you from any one.

Either you want to die or you are really stupid CIA, NSA, DHS and FBI directors?

I give up. If you are that stupid you deserve what is coming.


A Government shut down after they were told by the Living GOD to follow their own regulations or else and they ignored it..

Unbelievably stupid.
Please pray that these idiots in charge of these 3 letter corporations like the IRS go away as soon as possible.

You Heard it First, here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount
Un - friking - believable - the spelling errors are showing up in front of me as I write this story.

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