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Fri Oct 4, 2013 15:09

Time flies when you are curing Autistic Kids.

One day they cannot walk or talk.

A year later they are reading books back to their parents, riding bikes, learning to sew, taking baths by themselves, and laughing.

Moms - you are not failures - there is hope.

If I had 4 Items in my medicine cabinet I would have: Immusist, Sea Weed, and EDTA.

You may substitute 1 Centrum SIlver + 1 Iodine Water Purification Tablet for hte sea weed.

You may also use Diatamatious Earth instead of Centrum Silver - it costs $30 at the food store for 50 pounds of Diatamatious Earth.

In my coffee every morning I use:
1) 1 Tables spoon of green coffee
2) 2 Drops of Iodine - 7.5%
3) 20 drops of Immusist
4) 1 Teaspoon of Diatamatious Earth
5) 1 Tea spoon of Polygonum Multi Florum - "HO TI" Root, the Anti-Aging herb

And a spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down.

I then eat 4 Gymnema (500MG) Tablets to help my pancreas regrow.

As for the Autistic Children:

1) The doctor who has the 9 year old girl - the guilt is gone. She finally realized she is not guilty for her autistic child.

When the doctor left the office she was extremely happy and finally accepted the fact that she is the reason her kids are getting smarter and recovering from Autism.

The system screwed them up and SHE is bringing them back to life - and man, what a bunch of lively kids she now has. They have come alive.

Oh - they are doing great in school - but they are alive and happy and glad to rejoin the Human Race. WOW.

2) As for the second child - he is almost 16 and he was just placed in a school for gifted children - the real smart ones.

four years ago this child could not walk or talk - after about $40/mo for 4 years he just won 2 first place art prizes at the Puyallup Fair.

A non-verbal autistic child who could barely walk is now in a school for gifted kids AND winning prizes. Of course - his 11 year old daughter is helping him with his emotional needs - so this kid is doing great.

Yeah - the other medical treatments did help a little, but basically we have used:

1) Eat Seaweed daily
2) Immusist, at 15-20 drops per day.


By the way - EDTA is a natural Human Hormone that makes your arteries and veins like you are 15 years old. You can only use it once per week. It pulls all the heavy metals out of your body - like Arsenic and Iron.

Immusist is a combination of 80 different Surfactants and is a food, very similar to hat your body produces. We just increase the amount to counter the garbage in the food and water and air.

Do NOT eat Wheat, MSG, Sodium Nitrite or Sodium Nitrate.

Immusist Number is: 888-702-3315

The owner has it set up so he make no money form it and all extra profits go to either missions or decreasing the costs. He does not care what church you belong to as long as you are preaching GOD's word.

These are deadly to Autistic kids.

You Heard it First on APFN

Haven't you seen enough needless killing in your life time.

One of my dreams is to get this Immusist and good food and sea weed to all who need it no matter what race or religion you are - in this way we can begin the healing process.

Maybe this is the answer to helping bring peace throughout this beliegered planet.

I will send a bottle to Patch Adams (Geusentite Institute) next week to help his two New Free Clinics he is building thanks to you, the APFN readers. You donated to Patch and thanks to that he is helping thousands.

APFN readers - you are something else - thank you thank you thank you

Dr William B. Mount

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