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Mon Oct 7, 2013 14:43

1) Michelle Obama was born Mike Robinson in 1974. He won a scholarship to Oregon State Beavers in 1981 and had a great year - 88 tackles and 7.5 sacks.

Then, suddenly, on 1 January 1983 Mike became Michelle after a sex change operation. He then attended Princeton University, met Barack and after he found out the truth married Mike and adopted 2 children.

Our US President is married to a man.

Here is a picture of Michelle on the Oregon State Beavers Foot Ball Team, He is #44:

See Stories:


2) Ms Carey - the Black Gal who was chased at the White House - was shot AFTER she left her car to be arrested.

Please note in the film that they shot her window at Point Blank Range and it did not even scratch.

Her Daughter is President Obama's "Love child."

Watch the film on You Tube.

3) In 7 days President Obama will:

a) Suspend Congress and announce the US will pay it's debts.

b) A few days later announce a new constitution.

c) Prepare the nation for a Civil War and declare that the Union Must and Shall Be Preserved.

d) Declare Himself identical to President Lincoln.

e) Prepare a compromise to split America into 6 separate nations with one central governing body.

The debauchery and evil ways of the Rothchilds and Obama have reached the thrown of GOD. HE will now deal with these Evil Characters. They are just actors on a stage. Trust in GOD.

The US Treasury Employees will now start to go away - permanently. They did not honor what we sent to them so GOD will now deal with them. The longer it takes for them to pay IN FULL the worse it will get for these associated with the US Monetary System - SO GOD has said it, so it shall be.

Look up - it's GOD'S turn now.

From a personal Stand Point - if I do not get paid as the US Treasury, Va ad Federal Reserve System states I should after filing the 211 and 5444 forms I get to watch the Living GOD tare them a new rear end.....and that will be a show worth watching.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) Hit on Obama 1: 5 Nov --- he will be doing some Lude Act in the White House - so get him to a safe place.

2) Hit on Obama 2: 17 Dec: That 12 year old he went after 3 years ago is still in the White House - keep him away from her as her dad is really not impressed with a President who married a Male Foot Ball Front Line Defense Tackle for the Oregon State "Beavers". I guess Mike actually became one.

3) There is a prophesy form a preacher in Africa who saw President Obama as evil for 6 years and then he turned towards the Living GOD and did tremendous good for this nation.

4) For some reason GOD whats Obama alive - so keep him that way SS. The best way to do that is move me to an area where I can receive better info.

5) When Obama reads the New Constitution - which was written 6 years ago in London, he needs to be somewhere where the public in not.

6) When Mississippi ratified the 13th Amendment in 1995 officially ending slavery, and the Federal Govt accepted it, they formally recognized the united states of America.

The problem is - there is no Government of the united state of America so I suppose if I declare myself as President of such and demand immediate elections you must recognize this or admit Obama supports black slavery in Mississippi.

Wait until the BRIC nation throw this in Dumb Dumb Kerry's face.
Please pray GOD sends his angels into the White House to do GOD's Will.

You Heard It First, Here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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