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Criminal Spirituality TV on Today's Church Agendas & Reality
Wed Oct 9, 2013 05:36

Criminal Spirituality TV covering serious topics on Today's Church Agendas & Real Religious Community Realities and non Realities, and even Conflicts. Here come the ‘spiritual but not religious.’ Lock your doors.June 13, 2013. - Spiritual but not religious suffer more mental-health issues: StudyJanuary 14, 2013 -

On this weeks "Criminal Spirituality," - ( - that is a televised (streaming and archived on-line) TV program directly covers the very apparent and now very non spiritual conflicts that are now transcending upon and within the Mormon Communities.

Thereof, and, upon many other Christian and Religious Communities. Thereof, Herberb addresses this break down in these religious cultures (And,Beehives.) in their forgetting to follow their own religious doctrines and what these doctrines actually are supposed to mean for these communities in today's current world setting.

Criminal Spirituality is produced by Herberb (Gerald Sutton) by his trying to show a means of what is supposed to be a natural spiritual order of simple human respected rights within these church hierarchies, that are as Herberb describes are being forgotten and no longer scripturally being recognized by Religious Communities Leaders any more.

Herberb was victim of being targeted by Mormon Communities members and leaders after they had found out that he was a Medical Marijuana Patient they took it upon themselves to persuade his wife to leave him with their two young sons, and abandon Herberb.

Herberb is a responsible and highly self taught member of the Mormon Priesthood and has been trying to point out the Mormon Community that they are falling away from their own Mormon Doctrines and producing the weekly televised Criminal Spirituality program outlining and revealing that these Mormon Church leaders and community members need to be reminded of their own religious doctrines.

Thereof, Gerald Sutton has an incredible knowledge of Mormon and Christian Doctrines and histories and his program is now transcending into becoming a very effective means of revealing this increasing disintegration of Mormon community values thus addressing even their own community's simple human rights and issues of respect human dignity of it's own community members.

Herberb has been able to present to these communities the written scriptures that have been written in order to help the (Mormon) religious community and it's residing hierarchical leaders to follow their own written scriptures.

Herberb (Gerald Sutton) has been able to very clearly explain to them on how they can overcome their own agenda for personal power and to respect their religious community members and to encourage them to attain true spiritual endeavors for attaining a true spiritual life within their own communities.

Thus, to begin to realize that their own religious community needs to be reminded to re-begin to follow their own religious doctrines and not to follown their own human interpersonal and self attainment agendas. Herberb brilliantly shows the Mormon community (And, other religious communities.) on what it means to be able to learn from their own scriptural laws and histories. Thereof, on how they must at this time begin to live for each members own personal respect for one another and their own personal spiritual attainment in their own religious and hierarchical communities.

Mormon Culture Explained - Criminal Spirituality - Herberb (Gerald Sutton is the Producer and the Host of this weelkly televised program from - - - - - -
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Major Changes Are Coming to Churches in America and the World
OCTOBER 8, 2013 10:53 PM - -
Major changes are coming soon to churches in America and around the world. The days ahead will be the best of times for some and the worst of times for others. The global economic collapse will financially wreck many churches while others will become an oasis of life for multitudes of people who are going to turn to the Lord in the midst of their troubles.
The church leaders will make the difference between blessings and curses. Those who have drifted away from the Lord have put themselves in danger because they cannot hear the Lord warning them about the days ahead. As a result, they have not prepared their church’s finances or warned their people. For them and their people the consequences will be similar to what is coming upon the unbelievers because they will be totally unprepared when the storm hits. On the other hand, those church leaders who are walking close with the Lord are hearing the warnings and seeing what is coming. Their churches will become an oasis, a place of refuge, where the hand of God makes supernatural provision for His people.
The positions that churches and believers take before the storm hits will determine how things go for them after the storm hits. Some will be in a position to prosper and fulfill God’s plans for their lives while others will be in a very difficult position.
Alarms have been sounding for years and are now blaring non-stop. Those who have ears to hear have taken actions to prepare. This remnant of believers have separated themselves from this world system to consecrate themselves wholly to the Lord. As a result, they have put themselves in a position to prosper in the midst of the storm. They have stepped out in faith to stock up on food, water, and supplies. They have re-positioned their finances away from stocks, bonds, and real estate and into assets that maintain or even increase in value during bad times.
Meanwhile, other believers have filled themselves with the things of this world that have distracted them from the Lord. As a result, they have not heard the warnings and have not done anything to prepare. They have put themselves in a position that will be very difficult when the storm hits. Not only will their physical needs be great, but their faith will also come under attack as they wonder why God has allowed these things to happen to them. It did not have to be this way. They suffer because of choices they have made to live in spiritual darkness.
Here are a few words of warning:
Chris Henry is a close friend of mine who the Lord has used repeatedly to deliver the right word for me at the right time. He recently sent me this word for the churches:
What saddens me is many will be blind-sided, including many Christians who have not positioned themselves to be part of the remnant seeking the Lord or are not plugged into the messages remnant believers are receiving. I’m now seeing that many mega-church pastors are not hearing critical warnings from the Lord and are not warning their congregations. Many will be exposed in the coming economic collapse. This crisis will directly bankrupt many churches and church members who are invested in paper denominated assets.
Pastor TD Hale is pastor of Calvary Christian Center in Gallipolis, Ohio. He received four prophetic dreams regarding the future of America. His dreams are all documented here on this site. Here is what he saw for the churches:
I was going across the top of several churches in America. These were mega-churches. I saw them as I was going across them from the top of one to the other. I saw the names of the churches and the names of their leaders. I heard a voice say, “A breeding ground for sin for the people know not Me but they play around their golden calf.”
I knew that we had entered into the time of the end. It will not be these large churches but it will be home prayer meetings where the saints will be gathering in secret and praying. This is going to get to the point where we are going to have to meet in secret. The days of persecution had come upon this generation.
The Lord let me know a long time ago that there would be a remnant that would be called out. There would be a little here and a little there. Some of these mega-churches are not going to be around anymore. They are going to be shut down. God is going to have some people here and there who are going to be praying in secret. So speak in the last days because of the persecution that will come upon this generation.
At this point I was looking again at the homes. I knew that these people loved and served God with all of their heart. I saw the homes of men and women that were gathered together in deep intercessory prayer across the nation and then I heard a voice say, “The season is upon this nation because you have set abomination before my eyes, I will set judgment before yours.” [Continue reading]
Dr. Jonathan David delivered the following prophetic word to the churches at a pastor’s conference in Malaysia in December 2012. For those pastors who stay close to the Lord, the days ahead are going to be amazing because God is going to come in like never before.
I see the Spirit of God bringing reformation and restoration. He is bringing reviving and refreshing and healing into the body of Christ. Churches everywhere are going to begin to come together. There’s going to be a holding together, framed together, fitted together, held together as one. That synergy is going to come about.
Suddenly the people are going to have a new heart. Their hearts are going to be connected to the fathers in the house of God. The hearts of the people are going to become stronger and more equipped in such a way that the strength of God will come powerfully upon this generation.
Pastors must get ready because with this rising of the people they’re going to be hungry and passionate. They are going to require new food. So the pastors must prepare materials to sow it into them because this is going to be a hungry generation. They’re going to demand more and ask for more. That is why the pastors and leaders must be competent.
Conferences are going to be packed, standing room only, because there’s going to be a hunger that is going to come because there is a famine everywhere. There is a famine for food and a famine for life and a famine everywhere for the things of God, the things of the spirit.
Churches are going to begin to break open in a powerful way as the ones that are hungry and thirsty come in. The ones who desire God are going to come in. They are going to come from everywhere, even from miles away, hours away. They’re going to come to be where the food is provided.
The days of struggle are going to come to an end. There will no longer be struggle on the horizontal plane (between brothers and sisters in the church) because God will begin to do this great work. That which was out of joint is going to be healed. That which was out of place is going to be put into place. That which was out of position, God is going to put it together. The body (of believers) is going to be healed.
I can see God healing the church in such a powerful way, bringing total restoration so that wholeness will come back to the house. When you look at people inside the house you’re going to get so excited because it’s going to be a new breed. You’re going to be a new people. You are not struggling with them and they are not struggling with you. They are not struggling with God and they are not struggling with one another. They have total peace. So God can put bone to bone and flesh to flesh. You will be able to look at that place and say, “This is the house of God!”
I don’t want you to be afraid of the catastrophes or the challenges but I believe the Spirit of God is saying that if Jesus is in the boat nothing is going to be destroyed. If you are connected with Him in the boat nothing is going to be destroyed because there is going to be protection. If the enemy attacks your health you are going to rise again. If the enemy attacks your wealth you’re going to rise again. If the enemy attacks your family you are going to rise again. If he attacks your children you’re going to rise again because the enemy will never be able to hold back Jesus who is already in the boat.
Your protection is only going to be according to your assignment, only according to your obedience, only because of your relationship with Him as long as you don’t struggle with Him and attack Him and say, “Lord, we are perishing! Don’t you care for us?” As long as you know that he is faithful and true to you there is going to be a protection. Don’t fight the Holy Ghost who is inside. Don’t fight Jesus who is inside. Don’t fight the word of God who is inside. That is where your protection will be.
[Continue reading]
The only way we can prepare for the days ahead is to seek the Lord with all of our heart. While there are practical things we can do to prepare, none of those things will matter unless we first take care of the most important thing, which is our relationship with the Lord. We must seek Him more than anything else and value our relationship with Him more than anything else. When we do that, everything else will take care of itself, and we will be shown what what we need to do to be ready. But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (Matthew 6:33)

Author: James Bailey
James Bailey writes blog articles about current events and how they relate to the truth of the scriptures. His vision is to broadcast the good news of Jesus Christ through blog sites and other media. Related Posts:
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