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Mon Oct 14, 2013 15:59

Since his appointment as the President of the United States Corporation this Mad Man has allowed or ordered 3 Nuclear Strikes against America.]

1) The First was against Omaha Nebraska in Early November 2009 - we did a TV story on it and a week later Sorcha also recorded it.

2) A year later a Small Hand Held Nuke near Pearl Harbor (made at Lawrence Livermore Lab (Serial Number A248..) was detonated - it was .01KT and covered Pearl Harbor with Radioactive Waste. Sorcha also talked about a New Pearl Commander a few days later.

3) The latest is the 30 Nuke Obama tried to detonate off of Charleston to create both an Earthquake and Title Wave that would have killed millions of Spanish, Portugese, Americans and Africans.

In response to the last attempt to destabilize this planet Russia has warned this Mad Man Obama and his boss David Rothchilds that is they attack Russia they will respond.

Remember - Zignew Brazinski (Rockefellar's Side Kick) just stated in a speech: "It is easier to kill a million people than control them."

Well - that Rogue Nuke headed for the Subways of Moscow will be touted as a "Terrorist Attack." The store is will hit ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN and FOX about 3 November and be ready to publish 5 November.

These US Corporate Mad Men Hillary, Obama and Dumb Dumb Kerry) have also armed the following nations with Nukes:

1) North Korea, Over 150 nukes

2) Saudi Arabia, Only 50 of which a few were released to Yemen

3) Yemen - yes, Yemen.

4) In addition Hillary sold a Nuke to the Palistinian Authority and Hamas (Their Govt) was squashed relentlessly daily until Israel recovered this nuke. It was transported in a Wheel Barrow and coated with Aluminum and Copper Mesh Wire and then dirt..

5) In addition, these mad men have the audacity to help Saudi Arabia sell 2 nukes to the Syrian Terrorists last month.

They appear to be after World Destruction and are well on their way to getting there.

This Government Shut Down is simply created to cause pain - because these Mad Men get their lollies out of the pain - this is not a joke but clearly broadcast in the UN Internal Broadcasts - which I am grateful to receive.

Only a Mad Man would spend dollars to close off a side walk -- the WW2 Memorial -- and arrest 90 year old vets praying in front of it.

Is there no one on planet Earth Man Enough to stand up to these Mad Men?

Apparently the Joint Chief's of Staff are not.

Stop funding the US Corporation, they only want you dead.

Stop using their Debt Notes (Dollars).

These Mad Men have even shut Down Church Services on our Military Posts - he actually had the Base Commanders put on New Locks on Catholic Priest Doors and lock them out of their own offices and prohibit church services.

The property in their offices belongs to the Catholic Church so in effect, in accordance with the UN resolutions allowing the Holy See into the UN and the treaties the US Corporation has with the Vatican:


As an Ambassador there can be no other interpretation of Obama's Actions.

This little Punk and Coward has declared war on the Independent Nation called the Vatican.

This is very dangerous for any man to do this.

What this means is that if you are a Jesuit or Catholic Knight of Malta or a member of Opas Dae Obama needs to be replaced as President of the US Corporation Immediately. They have a Blood Oath and must obey it.

He has gone too far - now these folks who have sworn a Blood Oath to the Vatican Must Act or face expulsion and death in accordance with their oaths - or run like scared cowards.

We shall see what we shall see.
Please pray that Lucifer's Minions fall apart.

You Heard It First, here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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