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Fri Oct 18, 2013 16:01

This is not a miss print.

The United States Corporation has agreed to sell over 7,000 Nuclear Missiles to Saudi Arabia and the UAR/

This is utter insanity to sell them even 1 nuke!

Remember: All US Made Bunker Buster Cruise Missiles are Nuclear Tipped and 30 years ago had a range of 2576 miles.

This means that most of Europe and Africa along with Pakistan and India will be reachable by these Nukes - and perhaps Moscow as well.

This is beyond belief -

This is not war, this is obliteration.

Remember - a US made Cruise Missile could travel over 2,500 miles - 30 years ago.

Unbelievable - over 7,000 nukes to the Middle Eastern Nations, which is inevitably then resell them to our friend in Al Kada.

The US Senate (Democrats) had to approve this sale during the Government Shut Down.

Dr William B. Mount

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