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Hunters Who Killed Rare White Moose Apologize.
Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:56

Rare Albino Moose Shot in Canada - -

Hunters who killed rare white moose say they made a mistake
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'Sorry we shot your sacred moose': Hunters apologise after killing rare albino bull revered by Canadian tribes - The 'spirit moose' was shot during a hunting trip to Cape Breton Highlands - Hunters who killed it claim they did not realise it was sacred to Mi'kmaq - They are returning it to the First Nation tribe to be disposed of respectfully - By STUART WOLEDGE - PUBLISHED: 07:09 EST, 9 October 2013 |

Wuauquikuna - Anannau -

Kallaryk - Wuauquikuna

Sacred Spirit.Yeha-Noha -

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