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Sun Oct 27, 2013 14:59

US Agencies and Departments that suck off the US Tax Payers need to pre-position themselves for the inevitable downfall of the US Dollar.

From what I have been told very few of these agencies and departments will survive the coming planned take down of the United States.

FBI, CIA, DOD, and other Agencies - you are in a very unique position - both controlling the collapse and being able to preserve your feared organizations with full funding despite what is coming - yet none of you have acted in a reasonable and responsible way to preserve your corporations and your own lives.

You cannot just stash money overseas, or build some underground base and hope you survive.

The updated Crowley List is out - you have all been identified and the second the US falls your accounts fall as well. They will simply disappear, right?

Hiding in your underground bases is just plain stupid - the Self Destruct Codes were compromised when the VA began selling records on the Computer - and you are too stupid to stop this type of Espionage.

Remember Trinidad and Mineral Earthquakes (DC Earthquake) that I warned you about two days before it happened - and two of your underground bases were lost in 1 day?

Nor can you put our hope in some creature not from Earth for 2 reasons:

1) Lucifer (Sanat Kumara) wants you dead. Already we have seen that this Punk who hides in the shadows will abandon you at any moment just to watch you squirm. Just be here to listen to the next US Broadcast with me.

To my knowledge - not one US Intel Agent has been invited to these UN Broadcasts - too bad.

2) Your Extra-Terrestrials are subject to easy detection and destruction. The Old 1940 style radar is capable of literally de-cloaking their ships and if focused will turn off all their power and they fall like rocks. This radar reaches up 1 Harmonics. To bad Admiral Byrd did not know this in 1947 when he attacked the NAZI's in the antarctic!

So what can your organization do - dissolve when the US is either destroyed of changes hands?

Is that what you wish to do CIA, FBI, NSA members?

You are stuck here with the rest of us.

When the IMF looses it's funding source from the US you go away permanently.

Suppose, however, that your corporation, say the FBI, could be fully funded by other nations at the drop of a hat?

Suppose the CIA or DOD could be pre-positioned to survive and be fully funded - including fat retirement accounts?

Here are a few ideas:

1) Suppose you could buy a National Bond worth 2.5 billion for - say - Columbia. You could use it to force this nation today you based on a 5% interest yearly and not destroy the nation.

Perhaps Brazil hates Columbia and would pay you full value for this bond and use to to control and Black Mail Columbia - you could drop the money into a Brazilian Account and live pretty fat for that amount.

Perhaps you could pay the owner at 50% of the value of the bond, maybe even 65% to get the leverage to use this bond to your advantage?

Right now you would be giving his person "Digital Dollars" you could exchange for real cash investments.

So - you would pay them - say - $900 Million in Digital Dollars.

Suppose this was not $3 Billion but $10 or $20 Trillion in bonds?

You would start small and let the seller pad themselves well because they have something you desperately need, and could bring many more out of the woodwork through friends and associates.

Bonds in the hand are untraceable.

Someone NOT connected to our organization you can trust would have to handle the transaction but desire that your organization survives and be willing to work with you.

Good luck finding an Honest Man when you dangle this amount of cash in front of him. Only the Living GOD can show you this kind of man.

2) Suppose there were around $76.5 plus $2 Trillion in the Grand Caymen's not helping your organization that needs to be cashed in and would allow the US Corporation to survive long enough four you to reposition yourselves for the coming fall?

Suppose you could take this 15% Reward and use this person to stash investment dollars around the world over the next year - buying up National Bonds, Land, Mineral Rights and these could be used in the future to fund your outfit. This person would have to be both a us and a Foreign Citizen to do this legally and pockets around the world would need to be padded with US Digital Dollars to make this happen.

Suppose, for just a moment, that someone felt very strongly about the US Army, US Navy and US Air Force and wished them to survive this coming economic crisis - and the DOD could use DIGITAL MONEY to make all of this happen while they are still funded at a high level?

3) Now suppose a Foreign Government knew all of the above as revealed here on APFN?

Suppose they hate the US Agencies and the DOD - how anxious would they be to take this over before the FBI, CIA, DOD could make up their minds on what to do?

How anxious would the North Koreans, Chinese, Russians, and Iranians be to get involved before tomorrow morning, positioning themselves as the Worlds Financial Leaders before the DOD, FOB or CIA could even discuss it?

Is it possible that Saudi Arabia, knowing their nation is lost when the Oil runs out or the Poles Shift making them the North Pole, be willing to make deals before the morning light?

Would Angela Merkel, PM of Germany and who's life I saved twice and would willingly save a third time,, be willing to be here by morning to assist in the recovery of $10 or $20 Trillion in bonds and $12 Trillion in reward dollars the US owes me in accordance with the 211 Form and US Treasury Regulations?

4) This would, after all, give whatever nation came forward first in an honest manner, the Financial Control of Planet Earth?

It is only a thought.

You have NO time left to decide - look up.

This will not be discussed again.
Please Pray that these folks fully understand the implications of their actions.

You Heard This First, Here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

      By reading the following and acting in Good Faith the New Financial Leaders of Planet Earth will emerge for the 21st Century and beyond. Will it be Brazil? Russia? China? Peru? Who will it be? Dr... more
      By reading the following and acting in Good Faith the New Financial Leaders of Planet Earth will emerge for the 21st Century and beyond. Will it be Brazil? Russia? China? Peru? Who will it be? Dr... more
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