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Mon Oct 28, 2013 14:41

The question has arisen what are the proper steps to remove a sitting US Corporate President in which the Corporation is owned by the IMF?

The Original Constitution was replaced by the 1871 Constitution and the matter changed very much on what needs to be done.

The office of Supreme Court Judges and of COngress are merely appointed puppets that do almost nothing except raise taxes under this 1871 Organic Constitution.

So here are the steps:

1) A charge needs to be leveled against the Corporate President. This might include:

a) Implementing a Medical Plan where some pay and others do not pay - this is "DISCRIMINATION" and can lead to arrest and prosecution.

b) Trying to purposely destroy US (citizens -- not American Citizens - like the Nuke found by NCIS 21 September this year or

c) Purposely trying to detonate 30 Nukes off shore that would have killed US citizens.

d) Allowing the VA to sell military records around the world in violation of the Espionage Clause - USC 18, Sec 793, 894, 796 - thus compromising the Launch Codes of over 50,000 Nuclear Weapons, not including Nuclear Tipped air to air and surface to air Missiles and Bunker Buster Cruise Missiles.- Punishable from 20 years in Prison to death.

2) Next - the Provost Marshal of the US Army, Navy., Marines or Air Force need to bring these charges to the Joint Chief's of Staff and then an arrest order needs to be issued by the joint command of the leaders of the Navy and Army. As for the Air Force - they are not in the legal loop as they are Unconstitutional.

3) Once the US Navy and Army Commanders approve the arrest of the President and high ranking members of his party who are committing treason either the Navy or Army (Or Both Jointly) Provost Marshals order the arrests for Treason.

4) The arrests must be swift and complete with all members of the US Supreme Court, Congress and White House for all members supporting treason against the United States Corporation - including the Mayorial Staff of DC. This may include media leaders who are also committing Treason - and may be involved in the attempt on nuking DC.

5) Once these arrests are made the authority of the DOD, being now a wholy owned Corporation of the IMF, they may also legally arrest those in both England and the Vatican who are planning the downfall of the US through Nuclear destruction.

6) Apparently when the Associated Press printed 3 stories on the DC Navy Base Shooting the day before the shooting actually occurred it was a Tip Off the Joint Chief's to be ready "Poop" to hit the fan.

7) If the Joint Chiefs of Staff had and brains they would seize the $2 Trillion, Seize the 76.5 Trillion and return it to the US Treasury and then take the $12 Trillion Reward and work with me to provide a permanent source of funding for their Department - IF they had and brains - and they would do it ASAP before US digital Dollars are no longer accepted.

8) IF - they had any brains.
For You Intel Geeks

1) Poodly Poodly hits the fan financially immediately and this will be driven by Russia and the other 139 BRIC nations. You see - even after 2 Nuclear Attempts were averted in 2 week in DC that would have led to a complete destruction of Dc AND the Underground Pentagon Complex the Joint Chief's of Staff did nothing - like Lazy Imps. Now the rest of the world knows that the US Military Leaders are COWARDS and can do whatever they wish without retaliation.

2) CIA, FOB, DOD - you were warned to act quickly before tour Digital Dollars become useless wern't you?

3) The capture of 2 Americans off the Somali by a couple of pirates was a test of US Military Resolve - and they were were about as resolved as an infant.

4) Faction 1 of the Military - still unhindered despite all of the above - will once again try the Samo Samo in DC to cover up the Vatican Monetary Fraud being ordered by the Vatican Bank. Dead US Treasury Agents tell no tales.

5) For you in the US Treasury who think I am full of Poo Poo:

a) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lost their pension programs this morning - you may be next. Pay what you owe or go away permanently with Prejudice - so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come - time is short.

b) The Obama Care plan has been delayed for 92 days as of this morning - the program is crashing every where and the source Codes are easily available - giving anyone access to Bank Accounts of those who enroll into the program. GOD will now crash the program, so HE has said it so it shall be and

"All of Lucifer's Kingdom and all of Lucifer's men can't put the Humpty Dumpty's Obama Care back together again."
Please pray that the Joint Chiefs of Staff get some Gonads, Hoodspa, Guts ....

You Heard It First - here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

    • HOW TO REMOVE A SITTING PRESIDENT UPDATE 1William Mount, Mon Oct 28 14:45
      Nice Try US Army Cyber Command Perverts. The message will still be read despite you changing a few words. You can stop nothing - you high cancer rates are caused by the Nuclear Destruction of your... more
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